Community Lap Swim Program Registration

Open for New Members

2/23/15 - 12/31/25


Welcome to the George School Community Lap Swim Program electronic registration platform.  We are pleased to offer electronic registration and payment processing.  Once your registration has been approved, you'll have access to your own private account that will enable you to easily maintain your contact and payment information.

If you were a previous participant in the Community Lap Swim Program you do not need to re-register.  If you would like to reactivate your account, please contact Elaine Lengle at or 215.579.6508. 

For Community Lap Swim Program details (hours of operation, pricing, etc.), please click here.

For detailed registration instructions, please click here.

If you have any questions regarding the registration process, please contact Elaine Lengle at or 215.579.6508.

We look forward to having you join the George School Community Lap Swim Program.