1. Swimmers and parents are to follow our club and USA Swimming code of conduct.
  2. Photography is NOT permitted behind the starting blocks, in the locker rooms and other restroom facility at all times.
  3. Flash photography is NOT permitted at all time. Parents and family members are to be courteous toward other spectators during meets.
  4. Cell phones are NOT permitted behind the starting blocks.
  5. Swimmers are encouraged to participate in at least 2 meets per season.
  6. Swimmers are to stay close to our team’s tent setup or with their guardians. New swimmers are to stay close to their teammates to avoid missing events.
  7. Parents are required to be wholly responsible for their swimmers during all participated meets.
  8. Parent are to help swimmers stay organized and well-prepared for each meet, not to overfeed, choose light snacks and avoid energy or sugary drinks.