Group Program Fee 2022-2023
National $1,125 
US $1,010 
Pennsylvania (PA) $815 
Allegheny (AGH) $685 
Pittsburgh (PGH) $590 
Masters $500.00 


Sailfish Swimming Registration-Sailfish Swim Team have an annual NON- REFUNDABLE registration fee. Pool usage, meet coverage, team equipment, team website, team & meet manager updates on programs, non-athlete membership (coaches, officials, meet directors)      1st Swimmer - $200.00 Additional swimmers - $100. 

Escrow:  Each swimmer needs to start with $100 in account (i.e 2 swimmers need to start with $200).  This covers swimmers event fees for a meet.  

USA Memberships- $88 every swimmer must have.  Parents will be signing up for this with USA swimming

JCC Membership:  Contact the JCC to set up your membership only. 412-339-5431