If you would like more information please contact our team representative:

Kathy McFaden:  [email protected]

TRAINING CARD:  /amjccs/UserFiles/File/Officials%20Training%20Card(1).pdf

WHAT DOES AN OFFICIAL DO:  /amjccs/UserFiles/File/AMS_Introduction%20to%20Officiating-jccs.pdf

  • Unquestionably, being on deck at the edge of the pool is the best view to watch a swim meet. 
  • AMS Officials are volunteers 
  • Each team, depending on their size, is required to maintain a minimum number of officials. By officiating, you help your team stay in compliance with their AMS team/club registration requirements.
  • There likely is no better reason to officiate than to get free food and drink at the meets that you work. The Host Clubs provide hospitality to the coaches and officials.
  • Most AMS Officials will tell you that standing on deck and being involved in the ebb and flow of the meet is far better than sitting in the stands
  • /amjccs/UserFiles/File/2016%20Application%20-%20Apprentice%20Official.doc


As we start our 2022-2023 season our team needs more stroke and turn officials. Our current parent officials have swimmers that are either junior or seniors. We need to continue to have officials on the team to help with AMS (our district) and at our own meet we host in May. Donna Beyerl- AMS Official Chair, head official for our Sailfish Classic meet in May and her kids swam for the JCC Sailfish is reaching out to all teams to get more parents involved. You do not need any swimming experience to learn the position, you will be trained. If your swimmer is in a meet, great time to be on deck to help out.


From Donna:

There will be an in-person stroke and turn clinic for new officials wanting to join us on the pool deck this 2022-2023 Season. The clinic will be held at the Woodland Hills High School. We will have in classroom and on deck training to see what officiating is all about.

The date is Thursday, September 22, 2022 @ 6:30pm - 8:00pm. I wanted to get one clinic for new officials before the short course season begins on October 1, 2022 so that new officials are better prepared for their first meet.

I would like to start the season with in person clinics so we have the opportunity to meet each other and get to know our new officials who are willing to volunteer their time for our swimmers.

I have added the link to sign up for the September 22, 2022 clinic below:



QUESTIONS: Contact Doona Beyerl [email protected]