The Sailfish have a very active Parents Association, which provides our parents the opportunity to be involved in the Sailfish Program.  Two to three meetings throughout each season will be held for our parents.  These meetings are run by Coach Al and are held for your benefit so that you may be advised of all swim meet information, upcoming events, team trips, banquet news, financial reports and a host of other information. Please plan to attend these meetings so that you know exactly what is going on with the Sailfish program. The Sailfish program cannot be effective unless we have strong parent involvement and support. .  The following are support committee’s:  Travel Arrangements, Swim a thon, Swim meet chair, AMS officials, Swim meet Ads.  If you are interest in helping out contact Coach Al.

Communication is the key to any successful program.  All JCC swimmers and parents welcome the opportunity to be helpful to anyone with a question.  Our Coaching Staff is available (during appropriate times) to answer your questions.  Please check the website frequently for all information regarding upcoming meets, practice schedule changes or additions, meeting dates, etc.  Be sure you go to your Member Account page to keep your contact information up to date.   


The JCCS Classic Swim Meet - Each year we host a swim meet at the Henry Kaufmann Family Recreation Park in Monroeville.  We raise most of our working capital from this meet.  It is expected that all Sailfish families work twocomplete sessions of our swim meet and make food donations for concessions, whether their child swims or not. Your willingness to volunteer is crucial in making our meet a success financially and also the "super" meet of the summer. 

AMS Volunteer Requirements –There are now JCCS volunteer requirements for swimmers participating in any AMS or Eastern Zone sponsored meets; such as Senior Circuit, Sectionals, or Zones.  Every JCCS swimmer entered in one of these meets is expected to provide a volunteer for at least one session per meet entered.


To sign up for a meet or event:

  • Log in to the JCCS website
  • Click on the Meets & Events tab and go to the entry for the meet you want to enter.
  • Click on the Attend this Event button
  • Click on the Member Name
  • Click on the Signup Record pull-down and select Yes   
  • Once yes is selected, you will see the events your child may be eligible to swim   
  • You will also see the best times inserted into the Entry Time field and highlighted in yellow 
  • Check the box to the left of the name for those events you would like to swim   
  • Please take careful notice of the time standards that must be met in the right-side columns   
  • Once you have finished, click on the Submit Button in the lower right   
  • Repeat the process for additional swimmers   
  • You will notice that the Coach Approval column will indicate Pending after you submit   

A coach will review your declaration and APPROVE or REJECT your request. Once the entries have been reviewed you will be able to check your status by signing in and clicking on the Edit Commitment button for any events listed. Look at the Coach Approval column for the events that you have been confirmed to swim.

  • As noted in Escrow information:  If an account is 45 days past due during the season, swimmers will not be able to sign up for meets
  • If a meet is mandatory and a swimmer had not signed up, the coach will contact parent to sign them up.

How to find you child’s swim times

  • Log in
  • Click on My Account on right side
  • Click on My Meet Results

-Click on child you want to view

-You can view by short or long course, stroke, dates, distance

  1. On Deck
  • Download free App on iPhone or Android device
  • Enter your same username & password you use for the team website.
  • Enter the Alias name amjccs
  • To put in time standards, go to “PREFS, Time standards with “i”, check 2013—16 Nati AG Motiv and save

-View times, time standards, meets,

  1. USA
  • Log in or create account if needed
  • Click on Time Search
  • Fill in information

Meet Mobile:swim

  • Download free App on iPhone or Android device
  • Many meets will post up to date results 
  • In the search field put name of meet OR
  • Go to advance search to find by location and dates 

Parents who are new to swimming can find a lot of useful information on the USA Swimming website.

Escrow Payments:

 If your escrow is low, please make checks payable to JCC Sailfish Escrow.  Give to Coach Cindy at practice or mail payments to Cindy DiNunzio 3003 Juniper COurt Murrysville PA 15668                                                                                

  1. Logging into the website
  2. Click on My Account (on right panel)
  3. Click on My Invoice/Payment  (if you have a nagative (-) in front of dollar amount you own nothing)