Current Board Members:

President: Laura Crothers [email protected]

Vice President: Jesse McBurney-Rebol [email protected]

Safe Sport Club Coordinator: Jesse McBurney-Rebol [email protected]

Treasurer: Lisan Dustevich [email protected]

Secretary: Betsy Nagle Stilley [email protected]

Vice President of Communications: Linda Harrold [email protected]

Historian: Paul Klepchick [email protected]

Vice President of Membership: Cory Resler [email protected]

Vice President of Programs: Heather Schmitt [email protected]

Vice President of Fundraising: Amy Grella [email protected]

Vice President of Facilities: Kendra Snyder [email protected]

Member-at-Large: Pat Malone [email protected]

Recorder: Denise Burton [email protected]