2020-2021 Board of Directors Slate of Candidates

MLAC holds its annual election for new Directors at the Annual Meeting of the General Membership (aka Banquet), but since we are holding a “virtual banquet” this year rather than an event, our election will take place through an emailed survey form.  Click here for more information on the candidates.

Current Board Members:

President: Kristin Hagins kristinh@mlacswimming.com

Vice President: Peter Darcy peter@mlacswimming.com

Safe Sport Club Coordinator: Peter Darcy peter@mlacswimming.com

Treasurer: Gina Duncan gina@mlacswimming.com

Secretary: Betsy Nagle Stilley coachbetsy@mlacswimming.com

Vice President of Communications: Linda Harrold Linda@mlacswimming.com

Historian: Paul Klepchick coachpaul@mlacswimming.com

Vice President of Membership: Tatiana Garcia-Bates tatiana@mlacswimming.com

Vice President of Programs: Heather Schmitt heather@mlacswimming.com

Vice President of Fundraising: Amy Grella amy@mlacswimming.com

Vice President of Facilities: Kendra Snyder kendra@mlacswimming.com

Member-at-Large: Pat Malone pat@mlacswimming.com