Piranhas Summer Team

Registration will open in the Spring of 2023

Summer swim team is a fun way to connect with other kids (up to age 14) while exercising and improving their swimming, a critical life skill.
While your swimmer must already be able to swim 25 yards independently multiple times over the course of morning practice, enthusiastic highschool coaches will work on them to develop good form, stamina, and race specific skills (diving, starts & turns). This experience will make them more independent and confident during all the fun water adventures that your summer holds.
The small meets introduce them to the excitement of racing & cheering on teammates in the pool. This gives swimmers an idea of what it's like to join the year-round club swim team and swimming competitively in middle or highschool.
Piranhas tends to be a district-wide draw. It is a great way to meet kids from other elementary schools, building friendships that can be revisited as elementary schools converge in middle and highschool.