Family Service Information

The Mt. Lebanon Aqua Club (MLAC) is a parent run organization.  We need every everyone to help run the day to day business of the club, and host meets and events throughout the year.  The MLAC Standing Rules outline opportunities that are available annually some of which are service outside of hosted meets.  Your obligation is determined by your oldest swimmer’s fish group.  Families with multiple swimmers have only to complete the obligation for their oldest swimmer’s fish group.

Stingrays:  3 credits/points per family per year

Dolphins,Marlins, Sharks:  4 credits/points per family per year

Sessions worked will be tracked in your account on the website.  When arriving for a position at an event/meet, the Regular Family Member must check in with the proper person so that credit can be accurately counted.  The list will be updated after completion of each meet. It will be the Regular Family Member’s responsibility to verify sessions worked and make sure that they earn the required 3 or 4 sessions.  Each meet session worked earns one (1) credit for the family.

Should a regular member family fail to earn the 3 or 4 credits/points within a registration year, they will be charged $500 which must be paid in full prior to registering for the next registration year.  Requests for exemption may be brought to the MLAC President and Board of Directors for review within 14 days of current year registration

If you choose not to work some or all of the required credits, you may opt out by paying the $500 upfront at the beginning of the year. Contact the MLAC President to opt out.

For late registrants after September, the family obligation will be prorated based on number of meet sessions remaining in the season at the time of their registration. Contact the VP Membership for clarification on the obligation remaining at time of registration.

Other questions?  Please see the FAQ page under Parents/Gear or contact Nikki Pirain at [email protected]

Service Opportunities

Swim Meet Jobs:  Priority jobs are available at every meet.  Other jobs are available as needed but not necessarily at every meet.  Some administrative jobs may be combined into one job.  Every meet job earns 1 credit/point per session.

Members may have extended family or unrelated eligible persons work for their account.  Clearance and age restrictions still apply.  The sign up process is the same for this person, and credits cannot be transferred from one family to another after the meet.

Priority Jobs:

  1. Timers, Head Timer:  Time and record times for heats during meet session.  Starter meeting attendance required. Must be 16 or older (Head Timer--adults only).  Cell phone use prohibited.

  2. Marshals:  Maintain safety around pool and/or enforce Safe Sport regulations regarding locker rooms, pool deck entry, and photography.  Required to be in place prior to start of warm ups.  Adults only.  Cell phone use prohibited.

  3. Place Judges:  Record lane order finish and first/last times for heats during meet session.  Starter meeting attendance required.  Must be 16 or older.  Cell phone use prohibited.

  4. DAK Operator:  Operate the timing system.  Training required—see General Manager or Meet Director to set up training before signing up. Adults only.

  5. Hospitality:  Set up, prepare, and refresh food and drink items in hospitality area for coaches and officials.  Adults only except for water distribution.

  6. Administrative Table Assistant/Awards:  Work for Admin Official and GM to accomplish necessary tasks including copy/staple/distribute heat sheets for coaches/officials/sales, post heat sheets/results for parents, other admin tasks during session.  Complete awards. Adults only.

  7. Deck Relief Worker:  Provide relief on a constant, consistent rotation on deck to all Marshals, Place Judges and Timers (5-10 min break per person) through entire meet session.  Must be able to do all three jobs.  Must attend Starter meeting.  Adults only.

Other Jobs (may not be available at every meet):

  1. Runner:  Collect paperwork from Place Judges and Timers for Meet Admin.  Must be 16 or older.  Cell phone use prohibited.

  2. Announcer/Admin Assistance:  Make announcements during meet and other administrative assistance as needed. Adults only.

  3. Concessions:  Set up, prepare and sell food and drink items in concession stand.  Adults only.

  4. Medical/Safety:  Provide any required medical attention to any swimmer or meet attendee.  Must have medical credentials and First Aid/CPR certifications. Adults only.

  5. Meet Fundraising:  Sell 50/50 tickets to attendees during meet session.  Adults only.

  6. Member Check In:  Check in members who have signed up to work the session.  Deliver necessary equipment.  Return check in sheet to Meet Director.  Adults only.

  7. Coaches and Officials Check In:  Check in coaches and officials who are attending the meet.  Check their credentials to comply with Safe Sport. Deliver positive check in boards when necessary.  Return check in sheets to Meet Director.  Adults only.

  8. Food Prep:  Clean, chop, cook, prepare food items for concessions and hospitality.  Types and amounts of food prep differ by meet.  Typically pick up of items is Wednesday evening prior to meet and drop off is assigned to either Saturday or Sunday early morning.  Sign up will not contain all details, but details will follow in an email prior to the pick up date.

  9. Donations Pick up/Return:  Pick up donations from local businesses and deliver to pool before warm ups begin.  Return businesses’ equipment at end of meet day.  Must contact Meet Director upon sign up and provide cell number for meet day contact.  Must have driver’s license and ability to carry heavy items.

  10. Clean Up Staff:  Clean up hospitality, concessions, and pool deck areas.  Check in with Admin table (on deck) upon arrival.  Must be 16 years of age or older.

  11. Other Jobs:  Other jobs may be added to the sign up on an as needed basis.  Age determined by job.  See job sign up details for age requirements.

Ongoing Administrative Jobs:  Chairs and committee jobs are jobs which require assistance outside meets.  The credits earned for these jobs depend on the completed work and time commitment.  Some of the following jobs may already be filled.  Please contact Board President or General Manager if you are interested in any of the following jobs.

**Some of these positions may have already been filled.  Contact Nikki Pirain for information on Administrative Jobs.**

Standing Chairs:

  1. Club Attire Chair [VP Facilities]: One member shall work with VP facilities and equipment to maintain team store, works with vendors to coordinate orders and delivery of MLAC branded clothing and accessories, maintain team store at MLAC events. 2-4 credits/year.

  2. Meet Director Chair(s) [GM/Head Coach]: One to four members shall handle administrative duties of any club-sponsored meet; including, but not limited to, obtaining appropriate sanctions, sponsors and facilities, staffing and supervising meet jobs, and managing hospitality and concessions. This position shall be filled no less than five (5) months prior to each meet. 2-4 credits/year.

  3. Business Donation Chair [General Manager and Meet Director(s)]:  One member shall coordinate with local businesses to provide donations, order catering, and send appreciation correspondence for hospitality for hosted swim meets. 2-4 credits per year.

  4. Officials Chair [1st VP and GM/Head Coach]: One member shall help recruit new officials from the membership and provide officials for club-sponsored meets. 1-4 credits/year.

  5. Public Relations/Ad Sales Chair [VP Communication, VP Historian, VP Fundraising, VP Programs]: One member shall regularly submit articles to local media to promote individual accomplishments, club activities, and competitive swimming. The Chair shall also collect articles from publications and post on club bulletin board before submitting the articles to the Historian.  The Chair shall sell heat sheet ads to local businesses, obtain graphics, and format pages for publication in our hosted meets’ heat sheets.  Work with VPs Fundraising and Programs to publicize MLAC program and events. 2-4 credits/year.

  6. Safe Sport Chair [1st VP]: shall work with the AMS Safety Coordinator to implement a safety program to ensure the Club's compliance with the AMS warm-up procedure, and to ensure that the coaches meet safety training requirements and that the facility in use meets safety requirements. The Safety Officer is also responsible for providing and maintaining incident reports.  Responsible for updating and maintaining MLAC safe-sport policies including (but not limited to) bullying policy, electronic communications policy, parent/guardian and swimmer codes of conduct, and team travel policy. 1-2 credits/year.

Standing Committees:

  1. Annual Meeting and Award Banquet Committee: Chaired by VP Membership and shall be held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the General Membership. Shall arrange for a facility, food and awards to honoring our swimmers’ achievements in addition to any other tasks determined by the VP Membership. Size of committee determined by VP Membership. 1-2 credits/year.

  2. Nomination Committee:  Chaired by one member of the Board of Directors and include at least two other BOD members and two participants from the general membership.  Recruits and nominates members for open Board positions. 1 credit/year.

  3. Advertising Committee:  Chaired by Public Relations/Ad Sales Chair to approach local businesses for heat sheet ad sales when the meet is providing heat sheets.  Consists of 1-2 members from general membership.  Provide artwork/graphics in proper copying formatting to Meet Directors at least one week prior to each hosted meet. 1-4 credits/year.

  4. Concessions Committee:  Chaired by Meet Director(s) and include up to 4 participants from the general membership.  Shall work to plan, coordinate, and manage concessions for hosted indoor meets.  Shall maintain records of inventory and expenses according to requirements of Treasurer.  Must meet budgetary restrictions set forth by the annual budget. 1-4 credits/year.