Where do I log in to my/my swimmer's account?

It is recommended to use Firefox or Chrome as your internet browser.  Please do not use Internet Explorer for your browser.

On desktop/laptop:

Log into TeamUnify in the upper right hand corner of MLAC.com website. As a parent, you maintain your account (please keep all Emergency, communication, insurance and sizing information current). Each swimmer has their own member file. From this platform, you can opt in/out of meets, manage payment information, and view your current dues, balance, and program registrations.

What do I do if the link to the meets won't load?

If you keep getting the "spinning ball" and cannot opt in/out for a meet, follow these instructions:

  • Make sure your webserver is FireFox or Chrome.

  • Clear all cookies and cache.

  • Don't use "favorites" - this could be a bad link to the site.

  • If the link is not working on your mobile phone, please try a laptop or desktop computer.

  • Try again!

How do I bypass the "You have an unpaid balance..." screen?

Parents can bypass the pop-up window (if it appears) that states, "You have an unpaid balance, please complete this payment before continuing to register," by clicking the X at the top right hand corner of the pop-up box.  

How do I save my payment/credit card information in my account?

It is MLAC policy to keep a credit card on file with your MLAC account.  The card on file is used to make monthly payments, if you have chosen this payment option.  It is also used to pay meet entry fees when your swimmer(s) register for meets.  

Monthly dues are charged on the first of the month from October through May.  Meet fees are assessed in the week prior to the meet.  If your dues are not paid by the 15th of the month, your swimmer may be asked to leave practice.  If your meet fees are not paid before the meet, your swimmer may not be able to compete in that meet.  If your card expires, please log into your Parent Portal account and update the credit card information so that your account remains in good standing.  For further information, please see the financial policy section of the MLAC Parent and Swimmer Handbook under the Parent menu and Team Handbook link.

What happens if my swimmer's fees aren't paid?

According to the MLAC Financial policy, if monthly dues are not paid by the 15th of the month, the swimmer(s) may be asked to leave the pool.  If meet fees are not paid, the swimmer(s) may not be able to compete in that meet.  Meet fees are assessed per meet.  For further information, please see the MLAC Parent and Swimmer Handbook under Parents menu and Team Handbook.

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How do I opt in/opt out for meets?

To opt in or out for a swim meet:

  1. Log in to your Parent Portal (link on left side of mlacswimming.com website).

  2. Click on the "View Meets" tab at the top of the page.

  3. Scroll down to the meets available for entries.  You can choose "attend" or "not attend" per swimmer per meet.  If you choose "attend", you can then choose the events you would like your swimmer to swim (pending coaches' approval).  If you would like for your coach to choose the events for your swimmer, leave the entries blank. 

  4. If your swimmer is attending the meet, but can NOT attend a certain day of the meet, you may choose to remove your swimmer from the specific session/day that you cannot attend by unchecking the attend box within the sessions listed.

  5. Click Save.

When coaches approve events, you will receive a confirmation email.

For more information, please see the Meet Entry Process link under the Events/Meets tab which also contains a link to the Parent Portal.

Where is the meet schedule for the current season?

The MLAC registration year (September - August) contains two seasons:  short course (indoor) and long course (outdoor).

You will find the general meet schedule for the current season under the Events/Meets tab.  This schedule contains information for planning purposes, including MLAC hosted meets.  Some meets require qualifying times, so not every swimmer will be eligible for every meet.  Your family will decide which eligible meets to attend as they become available.

Meet entries for swimmers will open when the hosting team makes it available to our coaches.  You will receive an email notification when the meet entry is open.  The meet entry is done through the Parent Portal under View Meets.

Where do I find the Meet Announcement (MA) and how can it help me?

You can find the Meet Announcement (MA) for each meet by going to the Events/Meets menu on mlacswimming.com.  Choose the meet schedule for the current season (short course or long course).  The possible meets for that season are listed with dates, locations, and a link to the MA when it becomes available.

The MA will detail all aspects of a meet and is used to sanction a meet with AMS.  In it, you will find any qualification times needed for events, whether the meet is timed finals or prelim/finals, and the events and age groups for each session of the meet.  The MA will also include the address of the facility.

Why do I have a Family Service Obligation?

MLAC hosts approximately six meets per year which contribute significantly to our non-profit budget.  Without these hosted meets, our swimmers' dues would inevitably increase for all families.  Each session of a meet requires tremendous support from volunteer officials and parents/families in order for the meet to function for the swimmers. The benefits of supporting MLAC by working at meets and other events are numerous, both to the swimmers who learn that giving back to their community is important and to the family who can make new friendships within the club.  It is just an added bonus that working at the meets can even be fun--much more fun than sitting for several hours!

MLAC enjoys a good reputation for hosting efficient, well-run meets which parents and swimmers from AMS appreciate.  As a stakeholder in the Mt. Lebanon community, we pride ourselves on the help that we receive from our members.  We appreciate all of the time and energy that parents and families provide to time and place races, ensure safety on pool deck and in locker rooms, work concessions, and help in important meet administrative duties.  Our Board members do not earn credit for their volunteer board positions and earn their credits by working at meets. 

MLAC is so thankful for the many members who go above and beyond the mimimum obligation.  Each family is obligated to earn 4 credits for the registration year by working at meets, becoming an AMS official, or supporting MLAC in several non-meet, long-term functions.  If a member does not meet the family service obligation agreed to at registration, a charge of $500 will be assessed after the final service opportunity.

How do I sign up to work meets?

When sign ups for meet jobs are available, you will receive an email that contains a link.  You can use this link to access the sign up and then follow the process listed.

You may also access current active sign ups by signing into your Parent Portal (link on mlacswimming.com).  The active sign ups are listed on the right side of the home screen of your Parent Portal.  Click the desired sign up link to access the sign up.

Once you have reached the sign up for meet job:

  1. Scroll down to read the available meet job.  Please be sure to read the date, time, location, and detail so that you know you are choosing something that works for your schedule and preferences.

  2. Click the desired check box of your chosen meet job.

  3. Click Register Now.

  4. The registration form will auto-fill with your account information.

  5. Add your mobile phone number for event day contact information.

  6. Add the name of the person who will complete the meet job and the contact information for that person.

  7. Read and agree to the Active.com waiver.

  8. Read and agree to the Clearance Policy waiver (Indoor meet jobs only).

  9. Click Review.

  10. Click Submit.

You will receive a confirmation email after signing up for a meet job.  We thank you in advance for your support of MLAC!

Please note that after signing up for a job, you will likely need to log back into your Parent Portal.

How do I sign up two people to work at the same time at the meet?

You may access current active sign ups by signing into your Parent Portal (link on mlacswimming.com) or by the link received in the email.  The active sign ups are listed on the right side of the home screen of your Parent Portal.  Click the desired sign up link to access the sign up.

Once you have reached the sign up for meet job:

  1. Scroll down to read the available meet job.  Please be sure to read the date, time, location, and detail so that you know you are choosing something that works for your schedule and preferences.

  2. Click the desired check box of your chosen meet job.

  3. Click Register Now.

  4. In the Select Registrant portion of form, select the appropriate person (typically "Myself").

  5. Complete form ("Myself" will autofill the form).

  6. Complete name and mobile number information.

  7. Read and agree to all waivers.

  8. Electronically sign the form.

  9. Click Review.

  10. At the top menu, click "Add another volunteer" in the yellow box.

  11. Click the desired check box of your chosen meet job.

  12. Click Register Now.

  13. In the Select Registrant portion of the form, select the appropriate person (if you chose Myself on the first job, it will be unavailable on this form).

  14. Complete the form for the second registrant.

  15. Click Review.

  16. Confirm and Submit the jobs.

To view or remove the confirmed sign ups, go to your Parent Portal, click the Schedule menu and view/remove your sign ups in the spreadsheet.

How do I view and/or remove a sign up for a job?

If you sign up for a donation or job that you cannot complete, you may remove your sign up by doing the following:

  1. Log in to your Active.com account using the Parent Portal (link on mlacswimming.com).

  2. Click the "Schedule" menu tab at the top of the screen.

  3. Find the job listing you wish to remove.

  4. In the "Action" column, click "Remove."

  5. Confirm the removal of the job.  You will not receive credit for the removed job.

When can I sign up for meet jobs?

Meet jobs/donations will open 1-2 weeks prior to the MLAC hosted meet once meet session/warm up times are available and confirmed with AMS.  We typically host two indoor weekend meets, varying dual/tri meets, and two outdoor meets.  You will sign up for meet jobs/donations using a link that will be emailed when jobsdonations are available and the confirmed jobs/donations can be seen in your Parent Portal account.

Which meet jobs require clearances?

MLAC hosts indoor meets at the high school pool and outdoor meets at the Mt. Lebanon Recreation Center pool.

All jobs at the indoor meets at the high school require the casual clearance affadavit due to Mt. Lebanon School District regulations.  The one exception is the Business Donation Collector job which does not require clearances because it completes before warm ups begin.  See the Background Clearance Policy section under the Parents/Gear drop down menu for more information on how to obtain all necessary clearances.

It is recommended but not required at this time to have clearances for outdoor meet jobs.  This policy may change at any time.

All clearances must be turned in at the Parent meetings in the fall or upon check in for your meet job.

Our policy is intended to create a safe sport environment for the swimmers who attend our meets.

Where do I turn in clearances?

Clearances should be signed at the parent meetings in the fall or upon arrival for a meet job.

Please see the Background Clearance Policy section under the Parents/Gear drop down menu for more information on required clearances.

When do I arrive for my chosen job?

Please arrive about 15 minutes BEFORE the start time listed for your chosen meet job.  This will allow time for you to check in, get your belongings settled, and be in place at the listed start time of the job.  The start time listed is when the job is expected to start so that the meet runs efficiently.

How do I view my completed jobs?

Your point balance will show on your home screen in your Parent Portal (access from mlacswimming.com).  Four points in a registration year are required for each family, and the home screen will show your worked and remaining balance to meet that obligation.

To view your past jobs:

  1. Log in to your Parent Portal (access from mlacswimming.com).

  2. Click the "Schedule" menu tab on the top of the screen.

  3. In the drop down menu on right side, choose "Everyone" or other member who has worked/donated for your account. 

  4. In the other drop down menu on the right side, choose "All" to view all upcoming and past events, "Upcoming events" to view only upcoming (not completed) events, or "Past events" to view completed events.

  5. Confirmed jobs will count toward points to your family obligation balance.

  6. Jobs that were not completed will be removed from your account.

***PLEASE NOTE:  ALL jobs for which you have signed up will be in the list of All/Upcoming events in the Schedule list for your account.  Jobs which were NOT completed will not add to your total points completed, and those incompete jobs will be removed from your account.

Where do I find my family service obligation balance for the registration year?

You will find your current family obligation balance in your Parent Portal.  You can find a listing of completed jobs and upcoming jobs for which you have signed up on the right side of the home screen in the Parent Portal.  There is also a listing of service opportunities.  The Active.com site describes our family obligation as Volunteer credits.

Please remember that every family is required to earn 4 credits (3 for Stingray only families) by working at meets or in some other long-term MLAC position.  Board members do not earn credit for being on the Board.  The end of year charge for missed credits is $500. 

How does MLAC use my dues?

MLAC is a non-profit organization committed to putting all possible resources back into its members.  In keeping with prioritizing our swimmers, on average, 92% of your dues directly benefit your swimmer(s) with the following average breakdown:

  • 63% Direct coaching

  • 10% Pool rental

  • 10% Direct athlete costs (AMS Athlete Registration, t-shirts, etc.)

  • 5% Athlete education and direct use equipment

  • 4% Team building events (banquet, etc.)

The remaining 8% covers costs such as general business overhead, coaches' continued education, facilities equipment, and team travel.  The majority of the club's overhead expenditures are funded by MLAC Learn-to-Swim and adult/community programs.

What are USA Swimming and AMS?

USA Swimming is our national swimming organization.  Your swimmers swim for the same national group as our medal winning Olympians and many extraordinary collegiate and professional swimmers.  USA Swimming sets the stroke and turn rules and regulations for all of USA Swimming.  USA Swimming also makes a mobile app, Deck Pass, available to its members.  Your swimmers are part of a wonderful organization that spans many age groups.  The USA Swimming website is usaswimming.org which is a good resource for information about swimming for swimmers, parents, coaches, and clubs.

USA Swimming is divided into several zones and then smaller Local Swimming Committees (LSC).  MLAC is a part of Allegheny Mountain Swimming (AMS) which spans a geographical region surrounding Pittsburgh.  AMS is instrumental in sanctioning our meets within the LSC and creates governance for the clubs within the region.  You can find more information on AMS at the website, amswim.org .

What is Safe Sport?

From the USA Swimming website, usaswimming.org:

USA Swimming is committed to fostering a fun, healthy, and safe environment for all its members, and in 2010, it formally implemented a comprehensive Safe Sport program to respond to and prevent instances of abuse and misconduct within the sport of swimming.  Since then USA Swimming Safe Sport has worked tirelessly to educate members, put policies in place, and empower LSCs and clubs to create the best possible environments for all members.

What are some of the obvious examples of Safe Sport at our practices and meets?

  • All of our coaches and officials and Board members take classes and complete background checks for safety and protection around the pool and around our swimmers. 

  • Parents are not allowed on deck or in the locker rooms to maintain that safe environment at practices and meets (unless the parent is working on deck at the meet).

  • We have Marshals at meets to protect swimmers' phyiscal safety and maintain safe locker rooms.

  • Video is not allowed from anywhere on the pool deck except from coaches for education/training purposes.  Video is available to parents and family only from the spectator stands or spectator areas.

  • Photography is not allowed from behind the blocks from anyone on deck in indoor or outdoor meets.

  • Cell phone use is prohibited in the locker rooms by swimmers to avoid photography of any kind.

For more information and resources on Safe Sport, please see usaswimming.org and find Safe Sport.

How do I learn about becoming an AMS Official?

HOW TO BECOME AN OFFICIAL - From USA swimming website

Want to get started as an official and help USA Swimming run consistent, high-quality and technically-correct competitions? 

Officials join USA Swimming and are certified by the Local Swimming Committee (LSC) where they reside. 

Each LSC sets their own requirements for officiating, but there are basic steps required for all officials:

        Register as an apprentice official (some LSCs do not offer this option and you must register as a full official to start). Once your training is completed, you will register and pay membership dues as a full official.

        Attend an officials clinic (stroke and turn training)

        Complete a Level 2 Background Check

        Complete Athlete Protection Training

        Complete on-deck sessions shadowing a certified official

USA Swimming Registration - For Officials from AMS website

    •    Submit registration to the AMS permanent office (usually done through your swim club’s registrar)

    •    Successfully complete the Level 2 Background Check (for coaches and officials). If you have security clearances from other aspects of your life (teachers’ clearances, work, etc.), you’ll still need to complete the Background Check administered on behalf of USA Swimming. No exceptions. There is a fee for completing this step. 

    •    You must complete the online Athlete Protection Training (found on the USA Swimming website). There is no charge for this training and generally takes less than 30-45 minutes to complete. 

Generally, you’ll need to complete six sessions on deck as an Apprentice Official before you can certify as a Stroke & Turn. These take place at AMS sanctioned swim meets (not championship meets). Trainees will move around the deck and work with a number of different Stroke & Turn officials during each session shadowing.

Contact MLAC’s General Manager, Mike Kristufek, at [email protected] for more information.

Looking for Private Lessons?

If you or your swimmer are interested in Private Lessons with one of our Swim Coaches, please look under the "Community Programs" link on the menu bar of our homepage.