• Who can sign up for Middle School swimming? 

    • Anyone who is attending one of Mt. Lebanon Middle Schools and is in either 7th or 8th grade or if you are homeschooled and live in district.

  • How do I sign up?

    • Get a sports physical and register on

    • For more details on Physical and Registration please go to

  • How long does the season last?

    • September 3rd through October 17th.

  • How does it work with MLAC practices?

    • Middle School Practices Monday- Friday 3:30-5:00pm at the High School, if you are registered and in Marlins you are welcome to stay for an extra half hour until 5:30. You are also welcome to come later for your regularly scheduled club practice and then attend meets.

Meets are Tuesdays and Thursdays usually and usually start at 5:00pm and are over by 6:00pm or 6:30pm at the latest. Relay and Champs meets start at 4:00pm. Home meets are at Mt. Lebanon High School and away meets are at the opponents high school and the swimmers travel by bus to the meet.

  • Event # 1 Girls 200 Medley Relay                            

  • Event # 2 Boys 200 Medley Relay

  • Event # 3 Girls 200 Free                                  

  • Event # 4 Boys 200 Free

  • Event # 5 Girls 100 IM                                  

  • Event # 6 Boys 100 IM

  • Event # 7 Girls 50 Free                     

  • Event # 8 Boys 50 Free

  • Event # 9 Girls 50 Fly                      

  • Event # 10 Boys 50 Fly

  • Event # 11 Girls 100 Free                     

  • Event # 12 Boys 100 Free

  • Event # 13 Girls 50 Back                    

  • Event # 14 Boys 50 Back

  • Event # 15 Girls 50 Breast                     

  • Event # 16 Boys 50 Breast

  • Event # 17 Girls 200 Free Relay                     

  • Event # 18 Boys 200 Free Relay

Length of meets :
Dual meets should take approximately 1 hour, give or take 5-10 minutes on either side. This gives enough rest for the swimmers between events and it does not rush the meet. This also permits the coach time to talk to their swimmers about their performances. The first minutes following the race are valuable time for feedback to the athlete (some officials push the meet so fast that there is not time for evaluation after the race). Some meets have been over in less than 35 minutes. Officials are being paid for their time and fairness to the athletes. This is a learning experience for our athletes and proper protocol should be followed.

Swimming Coed 7/8th
Date               Time          H/A                         Opponent/                                   Title Site
09/17/2019  5:00 PM      H           Peters Twp. Middle School                Mount Lebanon Senior High School Pool

09/19/2019  5:00 PM      A            Fort Couch Middle School                    Upper St. Clair High School

09/24/2019  5:00PM       H       Chartiers Valley Middle School                  Mount Lebanon Senior High School Pool
09/26/2019  5:00 PM      H              Trinity Middle School                          Mount Lebanon Senior High School Pool
10/01/2019   4:00 PM     A        Relay Invitational (4 Participants)             Bethel Park High School Pool
10/03/2019   5:00 PM     A         Canon McMillan Middle School               Canon McMillan School Pool
10/09/2019   5:00 PM     H             Baldwin/KO double dual                      Mount Lebanon High School Pool
10/10/2019   5:00 PM     A                Bethel Park Middle School               Bethel Park High School Pool
10/17/2019   4:00 PM     H              Invitational Champs                          Mount Lebanon High School Pool