2022-23 Short Course Practice Groups


Senior Training Group - As part of the progression from group to group, the Training Group represents the highest level of training and commitment. Swimmers entering the training group should increase their overall commitment to practices as well the competitive aspect of swimming.  Swimmers in training group are at the highest level of training and competition. In Training Group, each swimmer is expected to attend at least 75% of practices.  This group is expected to participate in all dry-land practices.  This group is appropriate for swimmers who are in at least 7th grade.


Junior Training Group - This is the final step before the top group.  Members of this group should demonstrate a strong level of commitment and drive to reach their full potential. Swimmers in this group should be training hard and striving to improve their times, endurance, and overall stroke technique. Swimmers in this group should also have a strong desire to progress to the Training Group. Swimmers in this group should begin thinking about their short and long term goals and should begin setting both practice and competition goals. Swimmers will be encouraged to compete in longer swimming events. In order to join this group, swimmers should be able to demonstrate an ability and desire to train at a high age group level and willingness to commit to attending practice regularly.  In addition, swimmers in this group will also be introduced to dry-land training, beginning in November or December, that focuses on aerobic conditioning, core body strength, and flexibility.


Gold - These swimmers should be able to legally swim all four competitive strokes, however, we will continue to improve the stroke technique.  Swimmers should expect the level of training to increase in order to improve aerobic capacity and overall physical conditioning. Swimmers will also use the pace clock on a daily basis and should know how to read the pace clock. In order to enter the Gold Squad, swimmers must be legal in all four strokes, have completed a 200 yard free and a legal 100 yard IM, as well as 6x100 @ 2:00, and 6x50 @ 1:30 in practice. Swimmers are expected to attend meets in order to help gauge progress and are encouraged to swim at least one 500 by the end of the season.


Silver - This is for swimmers who have mastered the skills taught in the Bronze level. Swimmers should demonstrate the ability to complete 50 yards of butterfly, backstroke, and breaststroke, as well as, complete a 100 freestyle and 100 IM. Swimmers will learn mastery of freestyle and backstroke flip turns and a racing start. At this level, swimmers will work to enhance their stroke technique in all four competitive strokes along with their starts and turns. In addition, swimmers will be introduced to basic training concepts. They will do all of this while enjoying the sport.


Bronze - This is the beginner level for those swimmers who wish to transition from swim lessons to competitive swimming. This group is typically for swimmers 8 & under but can also include swimmers older than this who are new to competitive swimming. In order to join this group, swimmers must be able to complete one length of the pool in freestyle without stopping and one length of the pool in backstroke with no more than one or two stops. Swimmers must also be able to complete a practice 45 minutes in length without needing regular breaks. While this represents the first level of the Marlins, this is not a learn-to-swim program. Swimmers should have successfully completed a swim lesson program or be able to demonstrate the necessary skills in order to join this group. The emphasis in this group will be on building the basic fundamentals for all four competitive strokes and learning to love to swim.


High School Pre-Season - This program offers a ramp up toward the high school swim season for recreational swimmers and multi-sport athletes.  Get a head start on skill aquisition and conditioning with a focus on endurance.


Diving - This program is similar to High School Pre-Season but for diving.  Although this program is open to all ages, each diver will get individualized coaching towards becoming proficient in diving.  The team goal is to put divers of all ages on a track to excel at high school diving.