North Hills Aquatics (NHA) is a parent run, separately funded organization that works with the North Hills School District to promote the sport of swimming and healthy competition.  NHA is a year-round competitive swim team and a member of the regional division of US Swimming called Allegheny Mountain Swimming (AMS).  NHA is not swim lessons, but instead strives to develop young athletes to swim at the high school level and nationally with USA Swimming.

Goals and Expectations

  • All of our coaches have both competitive swimming and coaching experience.
  • Swimmers will be taught the proper stroke techniques, which may depend on their ability level.  
  • Swimmers will be taught swimming regulations related to disqualification and have the opportunity to compete in swim meets.
  • Coaches will strive to provide workouts and instruction to help each swimmer achieve their greatest potential.
  • NHA will provide activities to promote team building.
  • Head Coach and Members of the Parent Board hope to provide families with current, timely information on meet deadlines, social functions, etc.