There are plenty of opportunities for your child to participate in meets throughout the year.  There are different meet types and often depend on your child’s fastest recorded swim.  Please see the Developmental Time Standards Chart:

  • Age Group Open – open to all swimmers, there are no qualifying times
  • B Meets – these meets are for swimmers who have slower than BB times.  The requirement is for each particular event and does not exclude a BB and faster swimmer in the 50 free from the meet completely.  That child may swim any event they DO NOT have a BB or faster event in.
  • BB and A Meets – invitation only for swimmers who have achieved a particular time.  May only swim in events where they have achieved a BB or A times.
  • Mini Meets – for 8 and Under aged swimmers only.
  • Distance Meets – Open to all swimmers but meet consists of 400IM, 500 Free, 1000 Free and 1650 Free (“The Mile”).  These meets have qualification standards to control meet duration.