Kicking for Kenley
SEP 24
Time: 11:30 AM
North Hills High School
Katie Poniatowski Email
As many of you know, one of our Gold Performance swimmers, Kenley McCurdy, has recently encountered some very serious medical issues. This year, in lieu of our normal fundraiser, we will be raising money to help support her medical expenses.

Your donations will go straight to the McCurdy family. We will be Kicking for Kenley, and we hope that you will support Kenley and her family.
Participants | Rank 0/129
$3,400.00 Kenley McCurdy
$605.00 Zachary Davis
$550.00 Anthony Oswald
$325.00 Giuliana Trombetta
Top Roster (amount)
$5,485.00 Gold Performance
$1,825.00 Unassigned
$1,475.00 Gold
$1,015.00 Senior Performance
$970.00 Silver
Top Locations (amount)
$9,870.00 North Hills Pool
$1,825.00 Unassigned