NHA Swim Team Rules and Responsibilities


  • Behave appropriately, honorably and in a mature manner as a NHA student athlete at all times, in the pool, on campus, in the classroom, on social media and in the community.
  • Respect the rules, staff and property of the North Hills High School Facilities and all other venues.
  • Value what is best for the team above individual desires.
  • Be loyal, respectful, and supportive of teammates, coaches, volunteers, or meet personnel.  No profane or abusive language. Do not speak poorly of your teammates or others, including on social media.
  • Treat all teammates, coaches, parents, officials, and facility staff with respect at all times.
  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship toward, teammates and competitors at all times.
  • Exhibit a positive attitude toward training and competition.
  • Give 100% effort at all times.
  • Behave extraordinarily well as you are in public and representing our team, the school, and your family. This includes respecting any and all property that does not belong to you.
  • Respect staff and all NHA employees.

Any behavior unbecoming of a NHA Swimmer may result in temporary or permanent suspension from the team.



  • Attendance to and being on time for all practices is strongly encouraged. 
  • Be 100% prepared and focused.  Bring your swim equipment to every practice
  • Notify a coach in advance of a potential practice conflict.
  • Injured athletes are expected to inform a coach ASAP and to bring the doctor’s/trainer's evaluation to practice. Injured athletes are expected to attend practice prepared for cross training as per approval of the training staff. Cross training may include running on the track or dry-land core strengthening.
  • Athletes sustaining an injury/condition requiring a physician must be cleared by that physician or physical trainer prior to participation in practice or meets
  • Athletes suffering from illness are requested to not attend practice until they are not contagious for at least 24 hours. We do not want other swimmers to get sick. You should still notify a coach if you are sick, EVEN if you stayed home from school.



  • Our primary mode of communication is email.
  • Athletes are responsible for all information sent to them.
  • Athletes are expected to communicate directly with the coaches.
  • Send any messages to coaches via email and Cc: your parents.
  • All last-minute cancellations or changes to practices or meets will be communicated from the team



  • Be on time to all meets.
  • Wear only NHA team apparel at meets.
  • Be attentive and involved at all times – support your teammates.
  • Do NOT miss events – be engaged and aware of the events
  • Not criticize officials, use profanity, or exhibit lack of self-control in any manner.
  • Ask for explanations rather than questioning coaching decisions. Criticizing coaching decisions to other teammates, parents, friends etc. is considered detrimental to the team effort.
  • Remain on the pool deck, in uniform. Support teammates through to the end of the meet.



  • Attendance at all team functions including special events such as team dinners is encouraged but will not be required. 
  • Conflicts with any special team functions dates should be handled in the same manner as meet or practice conflicts – coaches should be notified as soon as the athlete recognizes the conflict.


Athletes are expected to communicate with coaches if there are any concerns.  If a parent has a question or concern, the Board President, Ms. Kristen Lawrence, is the appropriate point of contact.