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For practices:

  • Bathing suit (one piece for girls and suggest a tight fitting suit for boys) – due to chlorine and hours practice suits are worn, I suggest NOT wearing your team suit to practice.

  • Swim cap (for those with long hair)

  • Goggles 

  • Towel

  • All equipment should be marked with your child’s name and kept secure either in the bleacher area or locked in the locker room.  However, we share the locker room with other activities in the building.

  • Swimmers may bring a combination lock to secure their property during practices but only varsity team members may leave locks on their lockers downstairs.


Link to Swim Outlet Store

For meets:

  • Bathing suit (NHA does not have a required team suit, but for competition I suggest wearing a black/red/white suit - our team colors).

  • Swim cap (if you wear a cap it SHOULD be an NHA cap).

  • Goggles

  • Towels (multiple) – for drying off in between events and then to dry off at the end of several hours being at the meet.

  • Sweats – there is plenty of “down time” in between events and sometimes the hallways/rest areas can be very drafty.  Please pack dry, comfortable clothing (including shoes) for your child to wear.

  • Activities to pass the time – books, cards, etc are best.  Electronics should not be brought to swim meets.  Coaches and host clubs are not responsible for your child’s toys.

  • GLASSES CASES FOR THOSE WHO WEAR THEM – Coaches should not be expected to hold on to (or keep from breaking).