Bring your child to their designated practice, on time and ready to participate.

Attend Mandatory Informational Parent Meeting held in beginning of short course season in the Senior High Auditorium 

Make sure that practice is in session – occasionally there can be unscheduled closings due to equipment failure or conflicts with varsity swim meets, etc.

Scheduled cancelations or changes to the practice schedule are included on the monthly calendars or are sent via emailed announcements 

Check communications – meet participation deadlines, social functions, merchandise purchases, etc are all sent via email.  Please respond to the appropriate committee chairperson when making inquiries or RSVP’ing for such events.

DO NOT INTERFERE WITH PRACTICE – No parents are to coach their children from the bleachers.  Also, due to USA Swimming regulations and our insurance coverage, only those registered with AMS may be on deck.  This is limited to swimmers, coaches, board members and officials.

Tuition payments must be current or your child cannot participate.  Late responses to meet deadlines and RSVPs may not be honored.  As a side note – ALL PAYMENTS COMING IN SHOULD BE MADE BY CHECK, PAYABLE TO NHA (and reason for payment on memo line).  PLEASE DO NOT PLACE CASH IN THE LOCKBOX!  There are envelopes and memo sheets available by the lockbox, located in the bleachers.