Gold Performance to Senior Performance

When swimmers reach High School, they will automatically move to the Senior Performance group.


Gold to Gold Performance

  • Is legal and confident in all four strokes.
  • Proficient at flip turning.
  • Can read the wall clock and understand intervals.
  • Shows initiative in leading the lane and understanding sets.
  • Has a consistent attendance and actively engages as a positive team member when present.


Silver to Gold 

  • Swim all 4 strokes legally 
  • Swim a 100 IM legally and without stopping
  • Successfully dive off the block
  • Complete legal turns in all strokes
  • Show initiative by leading the lane in practice 
  • Swimmer must willingly accept critiques and attempt to implement them into their stroke


Bronze to Silver

  • Demonstrate and understanding of all 4 strokes (and what it takes to be legal) 
  • Legal in 3 out of 4 strokes 
  • Successfully dive at least from the side of the pool
  • Complete 50 freestyle without stopping and breathing to the side
  • Attempt a flip turn
  • Streamline push off of all walls