PEAQ Volunteering
The continued success of Pittsburgh Elite Aquatics relies on the voluntary contributions of our membership. In order to maintain high level coaches, consistent practice times, and an overall high level of training, it is imperative that families volunteer their time and energy to help PEAQ successfully run meets throughout the year. Posted below is an overview of our volunteering requirements for each member. WE CANNOT HOST MEETS FOR YOUR SWIMMERS WITHOUT ENOUGH VOLUNTEERS.  Please review and contact us if you have any additional questions!
PEAQ plans to host 4 swim meets this year between September and July... Every family will be required to volunteer for at least 2 sessions during the short course season and 2 sessions during the long course season, if you are registered for the FULL YEAR.  Every family registered for SHORT COURSE ONLY will be required to volunteer for at least 2 sessions during the short course season.  A session is typically 4 - 5 hours of volunteer time. IF YOU DO NOT MEET THIS REQUIREMENT, YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE ASSESSED $200 PER SESSION MISSED.
***There is NO volunteer requirement for famiies that have ONLY a Developmental swimmer***

PEAQ Fundraising

This year, the board has decided not to require a certain amount of fundraising. We have increased the base registration by $150, which has been our fundraising requirement for the last several years. However, few families participated in the fundraising program. We would like to continue to provide a way for families to pay down their registration costs... so PEAQ will continue to offer the Scrips gift card program.  This program is not a fundraiser for the club, but rather a way that each family can earn money to offset their registration fees.  If you choose to participate, you can raise as much money as you want to put toward your registration costs. Your account will be credited for any funds raised through the Scrips program.  Click here for a link to the Scrips website, and use the PEAQ enrollment code 5B5CADA965978.
For more information about Scrips or if you are interested in helping with Scrips, please contact Patrik McKain (email below). 
Board member, Patrik McKain, will be in charge of any fundraising initiatives that will benefit PEAQ. Some ideas fom past years include:
Amazon Smile – AmazonSmile is a simple way for you to support your favorite charitable organization every time you shop, at no cost to you. AmazonSmile is available at on your web browser and can be activated in the Amazon Shopping app for iOS and Android phones. Please click here to activate Pittsburgh Elite Aquatics as your favorite charity!! And pass along to all family and friends!
Dine Out Nights:  Chipotle, Chick Filet, etc.
If you have a fundraising idea or woud like to help with fundraising, contact Patrik at [email protected]