Welcome PEAQ Kraken swimmers!  We are looking forward to a fun and exciting 2022 summer swim season.  Registration is open to new swimmers and former PEAQ club members.


The Kraken is our 2022 summer league swim team based out of Canon McMillan High School. Our mission is to promote competitive swimming in our community by providing an opportunity for kids to learn life-long skills, while participating in an exciting team sport. Our team of coaches will work hard to develop stroke technique and proficiency and to encourage good sportsmanship in a fun, team-oriented environment.




     1.  Swimmers must be ages 5 through 14 as of June 1, 2022.

     2.  Swimmers must be able to indepedently swim 25 yards (one length of the pool) of freestyle.

     3.  If your swimmer is not a current club swimmer, please email Coach Becky ([email protected]) sometime in May to schedule an evaluation.





Fees are $160, plus an additional $20 charge per swimmer to cover the mandatory seasonal USA Swimming membership for insurance purposes. All swimmers will receive a Kraken cap, which is included in the registration fee.

  • If your swimmer is CURRENTLY a member of PEAQ and is intereted in Kraken, look for communication from Coach Becky on how to sign up. You will sign up separately.


For more detailed information about this summer's Kraken team, please email Coach Becky at [email protected]