Our summer season runs from early June through the end of July. All practices are held at Scott Township Community pool. The schedule for the summer is as follows...

2021 Scott Sharks Practice Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:30-10:30AM   9:30-10:30AM   9:30-10:30AM
*Please note, swimmers are able to attend any/all practices offered
Swimmers in the Summer Rec. program are able to go to Rec. right after practice.  Parents of swimmers not in Summer Rec. should be ready to pick up their children immediately after their child's practice ends. Please arrive on time as our coaches are not paid to stay after practice ends, and we are not staffed to watch anyone.
Practice Cancelations
Practices will proceed as normal despite rain. The only time we cancel is if there is lightning & thunder.  If you have not received notice of a canceled practice by 9:00AM, please plan on attending practice.  If you arrive after 9:00AM and inclement weather occurs, please stick around and the coach will assess the weather and make a call by 9:30AM if there is a threat of poor weather. 
Attendance Policy
Summer swimming's primary focus is having fun and enjoying the great sport of swimming!! We do not have an attendance requirement for practice, but do encourage swimmers to make as many practices a week to ensure consistent improvement in the water. The more practices your swimmer(s) attends, the better their results will be in the water!
Participating in swim meets is expected of all Scott Shark swimmers. We do understand that conflicts may arise, but please make every attempt to attend every meet! There will be a separate "sign-up" for each meet where you will commit or decline your respective swimmer(s).