Summer Start Membership

Welcome to the Peters Township Swim Club "Summer Start" Club Membership information page!

We are currently accepting registrations for new members (based on a coach-conducted evaluation). For new members, coaches will determine your child’s readiness at a brief evaluation and your child will be placed in an appropriate practice group based on his or her age and skill level. Please email [email protected] for more information or to request an evaluation and you will be contacted by a board member to set up a time/date that works with your schedule.

The "Summer Start" membership includes May 1st through the end of July (the team is on break in August). This pro-rated membership is available only to new members*; it is not intended for swimmers who only want to swim in the summer. We are a year round swim club and annual membership registration/renewal occurs in late August. Those that start in the summer can continue in the fall with annual registration.

*A new member is defined as someone who has not been registered by PTSC with USA Swimming for at least 2 seasons.

Why take advantage of “Summer Start” membership?

This is a great option for younger or prospective swimmers who are “on the fence” about joining a swim club without the commitment of joining the team for a full year. In addition, the membership fees are pro-rated because of the shorter summer season so it much more affordable to new members. Another advantage of the summer start membership is that the practice schedule is slightly more relaxed than the more rigorous practice calendar that gears up in the fall in preparation for more competitive swimming. During the summer, practices are offered in the both the mornings and some evenings. Practices for the Orca, Mako and National groups are held in the morning at Washington Park Pool (a 50 meter "long course" pool), while Dolphins and Piranhas will be practicing either at a local outdoor pool or the Peters Township High School (PTHS) in the morning. Evening practices for all groups are held at PTHS. This provides each family with a variety of options when deciding when and where their child will swim. New and/or younger swimmers will have fun and make new friends while learning and perfecting the four swimming strokes, improving technique and building endurance - all without the added demands and pressure of homework and competition from other sports and activities that traditionally start up in the fall.

Minimum Requirements and Swim Level

Swimmer must be at least 5 years of age and capable of swimming one length freestyle of a 25 yard pool. Swimmers who are not quite ready for club membership may be interested in our Learn to Swim and/or Novice Swim Programs which are separate from club membership and offered at different times throughout the year. *** After a coach conducted evaluation, swimmers are divided into five practice groups based on age and skill level:

  • Nationals - high school swimmers
  • Makos - middle school and advanced younger swimmers
  • Orcas - transitional group preparing to move to Makos
  • Dolphins - more experienced younger swimmers
  • Piranhas - new and less experienced younger swimmers

Please visit the practice groups page for more detailed information on abilities, goals, and attendance recommendations.

The cost of the 2019 Summer Club Membership varies based on practice group as follows: 


Dues $330, USA Swimming Registration Fee $78, PTSC Registration Fee $25 (total: $433).


Dues $300, USA Swimming Seasonal Registration Fee $48, PTSC Registration Fee $25 (total: $373).


Dues $290, USA Swimming Seasonal Registration Fee $48, PTSC Registration Fee $25 (total: $363).


Dues $280, USA Swimming Seasonal Registration Fee $48, PTSC Registration Fee $25 (total: $353).

***Our Learn to Swim and Novice Programs are non-commitment based swim programs designed for children ages 4 and up with the goal of teaching basic swimming skills from beginner through pre-competitive level swimming. If you have reached this page and are looking for basic “swim lessons” for your child, please visit the Learn to Swim page for more information.

One final advantage of joining our “summer start” program is that the traditional fees associated with year round membership are waived because of the shorter season. The volunteer, fundraising and non-resident fees that are waived for the summer start membership will be applicable to annual membership.  

Ready to Sign Up?

If your child has been evaluated and placed into a practice group by one of our coaches, please click here to enter the registration section. Once registered, you will be sent an email with additional information on your user account which will then grant you full access to the club website.

Thank you for considering Peters Township Swim Club.  We look forward to having you join the PTSC Family and are excited for another great season!