2019-2020 Meet Deadlines & Summary

What are motivational times (e.g. B, BB, A, AA ...)? check out page 19 of the parent guide

Meet Dates Meet Name (click link to go to meet event) Signup Deadline Who Should attend?
Oct. 5 - 6 PEAQ First Splash (Char Valley HS) Sept. 8 Everyone
Oct. 19 - 20 NHA Mini Meet (North Hills HS) Sept. 22

Mini-Meet - all 10 & Unders
(we will not be participating in distance session of this meet)

Oct. 26 - 27 IMX Sprint Challenge  Sept. 29 CANCELLED (no host for the meet)
Nov. 2 - 3 MOON BB & Faster (Moon HS) Oct. 6 Those with times that are BB or better.
Nov. 9 - 10 SHAQ Slower than BB (West Mifflin HS) Oct. 13 Those with times slower than BB.
Nov. 16 - 17 MMSA Mini/Distance Meet (Gateway HS, Monroeville) Oct. 27 Mini-Meet - all 10 & Unders, no qualifying times
Distance - B time or better
Nov. 22 - 24 Braun Travel Meet (Geneva, OH) Oct. 31 12 and unders: times BB or faster. 
13 and overs: A times or faster, some 15 & up events require faster than AA time (refer to meet announcement posted on meet event page for specific times)   
Dec. 7 - 8  SFAC ​Slower than BB & Mini (South Fayette)  Nov. 10

Mini-meet: all 10 and unders​, no qualify times
Slower than BB: all 11 and ups with less than BB times

Dec. 12-15

Club Mountaineer Holiday Invitational (WVU - New Pool)

Nov. 10 Range from B to BB times depending on age, refer to meet announcement and eligibility report for details.
Jan. 12-13 SPAC Age Group Open (South Park) Dec. 15 Everyone, all ages and no qualifying times
Jan. 18-19 NHA Mini Meet (North Hills) Dec. 15 Mini-Meet - all 10 & Unders
Jan. 24-26 SFAC IMX Extreme Champs Dec. 27 No qualifying times, but must swim all required days for either IMR or IMX track.
Feb. 8-9 PEAQ Single Age High Point Jan. 12 Ages 6 - 14 only, no qualifying times.
Feb. 15-16 HD Mini Champs & Dist (Hampton) Jan. 19

Mini-meet: all 8 and unders​​​

Feb. 21-23 BPR Silver Champs (Bethel Park) Jan. 26 All ages with times B or better, but less than A
Feb. 29 - March 1 SFAC 14 & Under Developmental (South Fayette) Feb. 2 14 and under, no qualifying times
Feb. 29 - March 1 WAAC High School Special (West Allegheny HS) Feb. 2 High school age only, no qualifying times
March 5-8 AMS Junior Olympics (Pitt) Feb. 9 All ages with A times or better
March 21-22 MLAC Last Splash (Mt. Lebo) Feb. 23 Everyone, no qualifying times
March 26-29 Sectionals (Richmond or Lynchburg, VA - TBD) TBD Qualifiers (typically AAA or better)
April 1 - 4 Eastern Zones (Webster, NY) TBD Qualifiers (typically AAA or better)