PTSC has a Team Store on Swim Outlet ( You can support Peters Township Swim Club by shopping at our store! A portion of all sales goes back to Peters Township Swim Club! Also, get FREE SHIPPING on orders over $49! If you are looking for other swim products, visit the full site. We receive credit for these purchases as well!

When you go to the link, it should display that “You are shopping through the Peters Township Swim Club (PTSC) Affiliate account”. If it does not, you can click on “TEAMS” tab (third one from the right near the top), and find your team and type in Peters Township Swim Club.

Following is a list of equipment each swimmer should have in their swim bags:

  • Swim cap
  • Goggles
  • Short fins
  • Paddles
  • Kickboard
  • Pull buoy
  • One tennis ball (for breaststroke drills)
  • One hockey puck (for backstroke balance drills)
  • 24” section of pool noodle
  • Swimmers with long fins—Coach Kuba will show you how to cut trim them short