Peters Township High School

Address: 264 East McMurray Rd, McMurray, PA 15317

Washington Park Pool

Address: 283 Dunn Avenue, Washington, PA 15301 (driving directions)

Parking: park in the lot across from the Lions Club Pavilion and follow the sidewalk past the pavilion to the pool.

Drylandswimmers should come prepared ​daily ​with a​n extra towel, a​ change of clothes,​ socks and​ sneakers for possible dryland activities.  The mornings can be cool in June, so it's always a good idea to dress in layers and bring a sweatshirt.

The pool gate will typically be locked until a PTSC coach arrives. Never try to access the pool (climb fence, etc.) before the gate is unlocked and a PTSC coach is on deck. Parents who wish to stay and observe practice, should sit in the chairs on the "hill" side of the pool (opposite the bathhouse). Please do not sit at the tables on the "short" end of the pool behind the coaches, as this can be distracting to both coaches and swimmers. For liability purposes, parents should not be on the pool deck (the cement area around the pool).  Siblings must be supervised and may not be on deck or near the baby pool, etc.  There is a small playground near the pavilion they may use, and other playgrounds within a short walk.