Shippensburg Aquatic Club (SAC) is a non-profit organization with an elected Board of Directors.  Our club is governed by the United States Swimming, Inc. (USA-S) and Middle Atlantic Swimming (MA) organizations.  SAC has been serving Shippensburg and surrounding communities for over forty years, providing a year round program for athletes. 

Mission and Goals

The mission of the coaching staff is to: Empower the members of the Shippensburg Aquatic Club to develop the physical skills and character values necessary to become successful athletes and citizens.

The general goals of the coaching staff designed to realize this mission include, but are not limited to:

  • To develop proper stroke mechanics at an early age.
  • To teach and emphasize good sportsmanship.
  • To increase self esteem and motivation, to encourage hard work, goal setting, and goal achievement
  • To instill the values of dedication, self-discipline, commitment, and team loyalty
  • To encourage swimmers to strive for excellence throughout their participation in our program.
  • To provide a structured and challenging teaching and training environment for our swimmers to reach their maximum potential.

Athlete Development

The SAC swimming program has been structured on the premise that there are four basic phases of athlete development in age group swimming. At each level of the program, the SAC Coaching Staff continually evaluates and adapts to a variety of factors, both scientific and sociological, that impact the growth and development of young athletes. Our experiences with this young program has taught us that the perfect age group program is a moving target whose needs change as the population we serve changes, and as we learn and experience more and more about the development of young people.