To inspire our athletes to achieve their dreams in the pool and in life.



We are a multi-site organization that provides world class opportunities for our athletes.

We provide superior coaching that emphasizes the development of character and excellence in our athletes.  

We are recognized and respected for the accomplishments and sportsmanship of our athletes and our commitment to the sport of swimming.

We dedicate our efforts to support athlete protection and create a bully-free environment within the team.

We inspire our families to have a life-long love of swimming and lasting friendships.


Core Values  

Competitive Excellence - Helping athletes reach the highest level they can achieve in the sport of swimming.

Leadership - Leaders in and out of the pool with a commitment to good sportsmanship.

Accountability - Athletes are responsible for their actions.

Mentorship - Our coaches guide our young athletes to make good choices.

Perseverance - Dedicated and continual effort to achieve one’s dreams



Excellence in swimming, Excellence in life.