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*Our LEARN 2 SWIM Program REGISTRATION is open for the 2021 sessions*

Welcome to the Team Apparel Page for Steel City Aquatics

Beginning March 1, our merger will be complete! To unite the team and prepare the proper introduction to our area, we will need to make sure that all members are properly dressed in Steel City Team gear.  This means that no Moon or South Fayette team gear will be permitted at team events after March 1st.  As a result, the club will be providing ALL club swimmers with 1 Steel City team T-Shirt and 1 Team Cap.

Additionally, our TEAM vendors have opened their on-line store with brand new STEEL CITY AQUATICS TEAM GEAR!  Please review the vendor links, the required club gear, and the order due dates.  To order, simply click on the names of the stores which will link you to their on-line store.  You will deal directly with each vendor when placing your orders.

1. B&R Pools:  This is STEEL CITY AQUATICS "TEAM GEAR" Vendor.  The on-line store is always open and accessible to place orders for team gear.   The PRE-MERGER orders can be placed NOW.  You must place your team orders by Feb 15th to get your team gear by March.   Team Swim suits with the logo will need to be placed by the end of Feb to arrive in time for our “Last Splash” home swim meet.  Delivery: B&R pools will coordinate the delivery options with you directly. 

This vendor provides our team with the following items- Some items are required:

  • TYR Team Swimsuits- (With Logo) – *Required for all club members
  • TYR Team Warm Up suits- *Required for Junior & Senior / Varsity Teams
  • TYR Team Parka- 
  • TYR Team Swim Bag
  • Swim / Training Equipment - If you want to check out the types of swim equipment your swimmer will need for their swim group, please click HERE

2. Embroidery Pittsburgh: This is STEEL CITY AQUATICS “SCREEN PRINTING” vendor.  The on- line store for this vendor is open to accept PRE-MERGER orders through February 15th.  Placing your order by this due date will guarantee you have STEEL CITY apparel for the March swim meets.  The store will be opened 3 times per year for seasonal orders (April, September, and November).  Delivery: Once the sale closes, the order will be processed and is printed, a BOD member will pick up the team gear and distribute it to the pool approximately 2 weeks after the sale closes.  

This vendor provides our team with the following items:

  • Required Athlete Apparel for Swim Meets:   
  1. Grey short sleeve shirt with SC logo
  2. Black long sleeve shirt with Steel City logo
  3. Black hoodie with Steel City Logo
  • Other Steel City Spirit Wear for All
  1. Apparel for Team Tops: T-Shirts, Tank Tops, Sweat Shirts
  2. Team Bottoms: Shorts, Joggers
  3. Team Accessories: Hats, Bags, ect. 


For questions, contact [email protected] (Moon Site) or [email protected] (SF Site)