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Welcome to the Team Apparel Page for Steel City Aquatics

As a merged, multi-location team, it is important to recognise that all Steel City Aquatics members must be dressed in the proper Steel City Team Atire. The team gear represente TEAM UNITY and this is an important value of our team culture.  (Note: No other team gear will be permitted  to be worn at official team events after March 1st, 2020).  Please see Team Gear requirements and the link to our Steel City Aquatics TYR Gear Store 

  • TEAM TYR GEAR, Apparel, & Equipment :  Steel City Aquatics is a TYR sponsored team. Some items are required and others are highly encouraged (roster group specific)


  • Note the TYR Custom Items / Orders that are located for purchase in the store link:
    • Black & White short sleeve shirt with Steel City logo- All Club Members
    • Black long sleeve shirt with Steel City logo- Encouraged for all members
    • Black hoodie with Steel City Logo- Encouraged for all members
    • TYR Team Swimsuits for meets- (Logo optional or plain black) – All club members 
    • TYR Team Swim Bag- Optional for everyone 
    • TYR Team Parka- Optional for everyone
    • TYR Team Warm Up suits for meets- Optional for everyone but Highly encouraged for Junior & Senior / Varsity groups


  • Note the TYR TEAM EQUIPMENT that are located for purchase in the store link:
    • If you are a new member or assigned to a new roster group, please click HERE to review the needed swim equipment by roster group
    • The club has a limited supply of kick boards, pull buoy, and some available size flippers if needed, so swimmers are encouraged to purchase the primary training equipment as listed in the chart linked above. 

**If you are attending a team swim meet and do not have the listed TYR team gear, you can wear any plain black suit or item**   

For questions about team gear / apparel, please contact [email protected] (Moon Site) or [email protected] (SF Site).