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Steel City Aquatics 2021 Long Course Summer Season Meet Schedule

Meet Director BOD Member

Hello Steel City Team!

I am happy to announce that we have been able to pull together our planned 2021 Long Course Summer Season meet schedule!  As we continue to return to normal so has our meet schedule.  This however is still subject to change.  I will share updates as we receive them.

As we get closer to travel meets I will send our team hotel information.


STEEL CITY AQUATICS                                                                                                                          Summer 2021 LC Meet Schedule (as of 27 Apr. 2021)
May 13-16 Mountaineer WVU, WV Junior/Senior Only
  21-23 Spring Invitational Scott Township, PA All
June 4-6 Mountaineer WVU, WV Team Travel Trip
  5-6 Age Group Open Hampton, PA Alternative Meet
  17-20 Holtrey Meet Spire Institute, OH Qualifiers
  25 Distance Henry Kaufman, PA Qualifiers
  26-27 Fireworks Frenzy Scott Township, PA All - OUR STEEL MEET
  30 AMS Open Water Acton Lake, OH Qualifiers
July 1-3 Keystone Aquatics Carlisle, PA All
  16-18 Summer Champs Scott Township, PA Qualifiers
  22-25 Junior Olympics TBD Qualifiers
  29-31 Last Splash TBD All
  29-01 USA Swim Futures Richmond, VA Qualifiers
August 4-7 Age Group Zone Meet Richmond, VA Qualifiers
  5-8 Senior Zone Meet Buffalo, NY Qualifiers

Best Regards,


Nathan Hankinson

Senior Meet Director

Steel City Aquatics

[email protected]