Reminder: Volunteer Requirement

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Steel City Aquatics Volunteer Requirements During the Short Course season

As we start our Short Course Season, we want to remind everyone of our membership volunteer requirements.

Our Volunteer Policy can be viewed by clicking on the link HERE.

In summary, all families will be responsible for working a minimum of 2 volunteer sessions at each Steel City hosted (home) swim meet (regardless of which site it is held), and working a total of at least 2 volunteer sessions at larger Steel City hosted fundraising event(s) if applicable during the Short Course season.

If a family does not meet the requirement of a minimum of 2 sessions at each Steel City hosted meet and a minimum of 2 sessions at any Steel City hosted fundraising event for the short course season, that family will be charged $50 per position/session not worked.

We will charge the meet volunteer fee for each missed session immediately after the home meet concludes.  Please review the volunteer policy that is linked above for further details or email [email protected]


Steel City Aquatics Administration