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Welcome to STEEL CITY AQUATICS Diving Program page!

This program is currently unavailable. Please check back for program updates.

We are pleased to introduce Steel City Aquatics Diving, an AAU registered diving club!  The program will be fully operated and directed by our Head Diving Coach & Program Director!  Please review the new program and schedule details below.  


We are excited to offer this new diving program to the community!  Diving program details are as follows:  

First, You must have an AAU DIVING Membership to join our diving program:

  • You must be an active AAU member to participate in our diving program, (in addition to registering for our Diving Program).
  • If you are not already a registered member of AAU, you will need to register by going to www.AAUsports.org:
    • Attached is a registration link for your convenience:  AAU Sports Registration Link  . 
    • Choose "join AAU, Get Membership, choose diving
    • Specifically assign your membership to Moon Aquatics Diving (Club Code: WY7T3D) in your registration. 
      • Our AAU name will eventually change to Steel City Aquatics Diving, but is currently still registered under our original name.  
      • *If the club code is not attached to your AAU membership, you would not be able to practice. 
  • The AAU youth athlete membership costs $14 and annual membership runs from Sept 1 - Aug 31.


Second, Please make sure to REGISTER for the STEEL CITY AQUATICS DIVING program:  

  • To register for the diving program, you can CLICK HERE , and select the DIVING Program in the Program Filter.

Third, Please review diving level requirements, practice schedules, and pricing listed below: 

Requirements for Diving Levels:

  • Beginner: Open to Anyone
  • Intermediate: Front Dive, Tuck Front 1 SS, Tuck Back Dive, Any Twisting Dive
  • Advanced: Front Dive, Tuck Front 1 SS, Tuck Front 1 1/2 SS, Tuck Back Dive, Tuck Back Somersault, Tuck Inward Dive, Tuck Reverse Dive, Tuck Front 1 SS 1 Twist, High School Divers with at least One Year of High School Diving


Experience – Program Cost (Packages):

  • Beginner: Group C-  (1.5 hr 1/week):          $100 per month
  • Group B- Intermediate (1-1.5 hr 2/week): $150 per month 
  • Group A- Advanced (1-1.5 hr 3/week)     $200 per month 


Sessions: Fall, Winter, and Summer Sessions Available

  • ​Fall Session -              Oct - Dec
  • Winter Session -         Jan - Mar
  • Summer Session-       May - July


Practice Format for Fall & Winter Session:       * Evaluation dates TBD

  • Mondays:                    Intermediate: Group B:           Water 7:30-8:30 PM


  • Wednesdays:               Advanced: Group A:              Water- 7:30-8:30 PM


  • Fridays:                       Advanced: Group A:               Water- 7:30-8:30 PM


  • Sundays:                     Beginner:  Group C:               Water- 10:00-11:15 AM        

          Intermediate: Group B:           Water- 11:00AM- 12:15 PM

                                              Advanced: Group A:                Water- 11:45-1:00


Practice Format for Summer Session:       * Evaluation dates TBD

  • Mondays:                    Intermediate: Group B:           Water 8:30-9:45 AM     Dryland: 10:00-11:00


  • Wednesdays:               Advanced: Group A:              Water- 8:30-9:45 AM     Dryland: 10:00-11:00


  • Fridays:                       Advanced: Group A:               Water- 8:30-9:45 AM     Dryland: 10:00-11:00


  • Saturdays:                   Beginner:  Group C:              Water- 8:00-9:00 AM        

          Intermediate: Group B:          Water- 9:00AM- 10:00 AM

                                              Advanced: Group A:               Water- 10:00-11:00 AM

Fourth, Please make sure to review our Refund/Cancelation/Make-Up Policy

  • Refund Policy
    • Once the 3 month program session/practices begins, we will be unable to provide a refund for any portion (future monthly payments or otherwise) of the committed session fee for the 3 month program.  Each Session will  bill the monthly fee that is due on the first day of each month of the scheduled session.


  • Cancelation Policy
    • If a lesson needs to be canceled for any reason, a make-up lesson will be scheduled, if possible. There are no refunds for canceled lessons.


  • Make-Up Policy
    • No make-up lessons are guaranteed for lessons that are missed by registrants.  The coach will attempt to offer other class options if there is room or availability without crowding other classes.  


For additional questions, please e-mail our registrar, Darryl Hermon @ [email protected]


To REGISTER for the STEEL CITY AQUATICS DIVING program, CLICK HERE NOW, and choose the DIVING Program.