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Steel City Aquatics Evaluation Process

To request an evaluation for Steel City Aquatics, all you have to do is click the link provided (EVALUATION SIGN UP PAGE) to register for a time slot to have your child evaluated.  Be sure to check the location for the evaluation slot you sign up for.  If the available slots are full OR it is after the month of September, please e-mail Coach Marian at  [email protected] and include the following information:

  • Your Name (Requestor’s Name)
  • Your Contact Information (E-mail & Phone number)
  • Child’s name that will be evaluated for the swim team
  • Child’s Age
  • What Steel City Aquatics Site you choose (Moon or South Fayette)
  • List any pertinent comments about your child (such as if they have ever swam on a swim team before

How our evaluations work: You will either sign up for an evaluation appointment or Coach Marian will contact you to coordinate the date and time you can bring your child in for the evaluation. Due to Covid rules, please make sure your child wears a mask on arrival and comes dressed in their suit of choice.  Your swimmer should also bring goggles if they have them, and a towel.  Coach Marian will evaluate your swimmer, and if they qualify for the swim team, she will provide you with the appropriate registration group that you will need to complete your registration.  You will then be able to complete your registration online and sign up for the appropriate swim group prior to the first swim team practice. 

*Mid-Season registrations will have the membership fees pro-rated as applicable. *

For online registration questions: please email [email protected]
Evaluation Location could be listed as one of these 3 pool locations:  

Moon Area High School Natatorium

You should enter the Natatorium Entrance doors at the Moon Area High School building.  You will proceed down the stairs, turn left at the base of the stairs.  The pool doors will be on your right at the end of the hall. You can sit on the bleachers until Coach Marian comes to get your swimmer.

Cornell Highschool Pool 

Enter in the Pool doors at Cornell Highschool.  As you drive up the long drive way hill to get to the school, the very first right turn into the parking lot is the "pool parking lot" .  The pool door entrance is right there infront of the parking lot.  When you enter the doors, turn right- and go through the double doors into the pool area.  

South Fayette Middle School Pool

Enter through the side doors and follow the hallway down to the right.  The locker rooms are on the left side of the hallway.