Frequently Asked Questions

1)   What are the requirements to be a member of the team? Be at least 5 years old and be able to swim one length (25 yds) of the pool unassisted.

2) Will I be competing in swim meets?   YES

3)   Will I  be competing against experienced swimmers?  NO!!   You will compete according to your age and ability.

4)   Do I have to be an expert swimmer?  NO!!  Just be able to swim one length (25 yds) of the pool unassisted.

5)  Do I have to make all the practices?  NO!! Each group has a recommended number of days for attending.  Our coaching staff is aware that children are involved in other activities so we offer 6 practices a week.

6)  Do I have to participate year round?  NO!!  We offer 2 seasons--(September-March) & (April-July).


7)  Do I have to be a Pine Richland resident in order to join the team?  NO!  You do not have to reside in the PIne Richland School District.  There is, however, a nominal out-of-district charge for non-residents.

8)   How can I contact  you? 

9)   How do I enter the facility?   Please park and enter the building from the back.  The Athletic Department entrance is located on the far right of the building.  Once inside proceed to the column and take a right.  The pool will be on your left.  Use the solid green door immediately to the right of the double glass doors.