Pine-Richland Aquatics offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. It is the goal of the Pine-Richland Aquatics to offer age specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging each individual and developing each individual to the best of THEIR abilities.

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Pine-Richland Aquatics Progression for Athlete Development



It is the ambition of PRA to educate the swimmer and the parents, on what is required to progress though our training levels.  PRA has integrated USA Swimming developmental guidelines into our training program.  We are committed to developing each athlete to achieve their best.  To do this we have created a series of groups that our swimmers complete the skills, of that level, and then moves up to the next level.  Swimming is unlike most sports, it is not guided by a child’s age, but instead by ability.   Each swimmer can expect to complete each goal sheet to reach the next level.  Included in the goal sheets is a series of requirements, life skills, test skills, and competitive skills that must be completed to achieve the next group.  Through out the season our coaches are testing, training, and educating the swimmers to get them to the next level. 


Good Luck and Swim Fast



Novice (includes 8 and younger):


            This is the first step, in PRA, for the beginning swimmer.  The potential child must be able to complete 25 yards on their stomach and back.  There are 2 groups within this category.  We have the NOVICE group, which is based on age of 9 and older.  We recommend these athletes to come no more than 3-4 times a week.  NOVICE practices are offered up to 6 times a week, Monday through Saturday.  The practices average from 45 minutes to an hour.  Novice swimmers should plan on purchasing their own kick boards and fins. We also have our MINI’S.  This group is for the younger swimmers age 8 and younger.  We recommend that these young guys practice up to 3 times a week.  We offer practices Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.  Practices run from thirty minutes to an hour, depending on the swimmers ability.   Swimmers in these groups should expect to learn the following:

1)      Swim all 4 competitive strokes legal, according to USA-S rules and regulations.

2)      Be certified for competitive racing starts.

3)      Complete a continuous 10 minute swim.

4)      Perform flip and Open turns legal and to best of the swimmers ability.

5)      Compete in a swim meet.

6)      Understands team rules and sportsmanship. 




            The second step is our developmental group is the introduction into competitive swimming.  A swimmer must be able to swim all four strokes for a minimum of 25 yards.   We recommend practice for this group 3-4 times a week minimum wit h a maximum of 5 times for the more proficient swimmer.  Our practices are Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays for an hour and Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays for an hour and 20 minutes.   Ages range in this group from 9 – 13.   Swimmers are expected to compete in meets 1- 2 times a month, depending on the swimmers ability and the coach’s suggestion. Plan to purchase individual kick board, pull buoy, fins, hand paddles, and eventually snorkels.  Swimmers in this group should expect to learn the following:

1)      All skills in the Novice Group

2)      Perform a legal 200 IM.

3)      Introduction in to training for competition.

4)      Introduction to stroke cycles and distance per stroke training.

5)      Body/Muscle awareness in the water. Floating, Pulling, Drag, and Efficiency

6)      Begins to memorize and understands best times. Intro into Time Standards.

7)      Able to get and IMX score.

8)      Begins to understand the importance on Warm Up and Warm Down.

9)      Introduced to Team Responsibility and Accountability.

10)  Intro to Heart Rate Measuring and Threshold Training.

11)  Becomes proficient in Competitive Starts and Turns

12)  Begins to use test sets in training and for team group promotion.


*** Seasons when needed this would include our Mini Might’s, which is and advanced 8 and younger group. ***



Junior Swimmers:


This group is this gear to the swimmer looking to become proficient year around swimmer.  Swimmers in this group must be able to handle practices that range from an hour and thirty minutes to two hours.  Swimmers will be expected to participate in dry-land exercises and compete in meets 1-2 times a month.  Swimmers will introduced to the use of energy system training, test set performance, and meet performance.  We promote overload training at this level to get them ready for the next step.  They will be given nutrition talks geared to what to eat as fuel for performance and training.  They will be expected and encouraged to swim distance races of 400 yards and longer.  There is up to 6 practices offered weekly, we expect (not required) to see our athletes at the following recommendations:

            9 & 10 4 times a week

            11 & 12 5 times a week

            13 & Older 5-6 Times a week

Swimmers at this level should expect to learn the following:

1)      All skills for the Developmental Group.

2)      Maintain stroke rates and times. Understand how the 2 correspond

3)      Participate in threshold testing a couple times a season.

4)      Begins using energy level training and energy level time charts

5)      Can check resting and exercise heart rates.

6)      Starts to know competitors from other teams.

7)      Understands the importance of consistent practice attendance.

8)      Learns the proper way to warm up for swim meets

9)      Learns to accept the responsibility for performance at practice and meets.


Senior Groups:


This group is for the more experience swimmers.  The Senior Level is broken up into 3 groups, Levels 1, 2, and 3.  All are designed to get swimmers ready to meet the goals they seek from the competitive swimming from High School to College and beyond. 


            Senior 1:

This group is for the High School oriented swimmer, those swimmers that want to be or stay in physical shape for the high school season.  Swimmers are offered practice Monday through Friday for up to two hours.  Swimmers should be able to understand all the skills from the lower levels.  Swimmers are expected to participate in 1-2 meets during during the year.  Although practice is not mandatory it is expected that swimmers come 5 days a week.  This group is open to all swimmers.  Those that attend PR School District will practice 3pm-5pm.  Those that do not attend PR School District will to practice 8pm - 10:00pm. No practices during the winter break.


            Senior 2:

This group is for the more dedicated and experience High School oriented swimmers.  Swimmers are required to have achieved the skills and requirements from the Junior level before being placed into senior 2.  Swimmers are required to practice Monday through Saturday along with 1 morning (Wednesday)practice weekly.  Practice attendance is mandatory and swimmers shall be required to maintain 85%. If you swim High School, and not for Pine Richland, then we would like to see you 2 times a week, during the High School season.  Practice times are 3:00pm - 5:00pm or 6:00pm - 8:00pm, Saturday's 6:30am - 8:30am, Wednesday's 5:15am - 6:45am.  During holiday break morning practices only.  Swimmers will compete in LSC meets throughout the seasons.  They are expected to remain practicing and attend the LSC championships.  Swimmers are not eligible for competition beyond the LSC championships.


            Senior 3: (by invitation only)

For the NCAA and USA oriented swimmer, those that want to compete at the next level.  Swimmers are required to practice Monday through Saturday for up to 3 hours per practice.  Attendance is mandatory and swimmers shall maintain a 90%.  This group is for those that swimming is their only sport.  There are up to 9 practices offered weekly, but there are several times a year we have up to 14 practices a week.  This group trains at high levels of yardage and intensity.  Senior 3 requires commitment and dedication.  Our swimming average is 2 million yards annually (46 weeks).  If you swim for a High School team other than Pine Richland, then I would like to see you up to 3 times a week.  Swimmers are expected to attend the highest level meet attained, Zones, Sectionals, Futures, Juniors, Senior/US Open Championships.  All swimmers invited shall sign an agreement between them and the coach.  Reminder this is an annual training group, not seasonal.