Lifeguarding Classes
Spring 2023

This course will be taught as a blended-learning course (computer and classroom sessions) as well as in-water sessions. You are responsible for all computer sessions at home with classroom/pool sessions at Pine- Richland High School Pool & team room.

     **participants MUST be 15 years old or turn 15 by the last day**
     **ALL classes are MANDATORY; NO EXCEPTIONS so check your schedules**
     **ALL assignments must be completed and brought with you to each class**


$300, in the form of credit card at registration (when the pre-test is completed).
There is also a charge of $40 paid directly to Coach George at pre-testing. Cash or checks (made payable to Georgiann Barry) accepted.
If someone would not pass the pre-test, the $40 will be returned.
Provided equipment: whistle, CPR breathing mask, first aid training kit


Registration Info
Monday, March 20th at 6:30p (time subject to change)
For pre-testing registration, you must contact Coach George, [email protected]

Pre-test requirements: 300 yard swim, deep water brick removal in 1 minute 30 seconds, 2 minute treading without hands.

Course registration will be online once pre-testing is complete. Instructions will be given at that time.

Classroom and water work:
Saturday, April 1st, 1-3:30p
Saturday, April 15th, 1-3:30p
ALL the above dates are mandatory! There are NO make-up classes!
Saturday, April 29th, 1p until completed



COVID guidelines will be followed as set by the School District.


Instructor: Georgiann Barry
Please send all questions to [email protected]


**This course is for those who have never held their lifeguarding certification before. If you are in-need of a recertification, please contact Georgiann at the above email**


***Pine Richland Aquatics INC. is a nonprofit organization, [501(c)(3)], and has NO affiliation with the
Pine- Richland School District.***