PRA Update on Summer Pool & Workout Plans when Allegheny County Turns Green

Edward Laubacher

Guidelines on Pool Openings & Coached Workouts

USA Swimming / Allegheny Mountain Swimming – USAS and AMS are following the Red-Yellow-Green guidance from PA Governor. Swim Teams, such as PRA, are categorized under Amateur Sports, which are restricted from organized land or water workouts until the Green level is declared for Allegheny County.

Pine Richland School District regarding use of PRHS Pool – The PIAA has restricted all high schools in the state to keep their sports facilities closed through June 30, and the County must also be at Green Level before opening them for use. July 1 is the earliest date to use the PRHS Pool, and Coach Pete is in close contact with the Athletic Director.

Allegheny County North Park Pool – The County has already begun to make preparations to open the pool this summer, but is not committing to a start date until Gov Wolf and PA Recreation Services provide clear guidelines on how to operate a county pool after Allegheny County turns Green.

Private Club Pools – PRA is in contact with private swim clubs regarding leasing their pool for certain time periods. This avenue may offer some pool access but likely not for the number of hours our team will need to handle all swim groups.