Pine Richland Aquatics Pre-Team

OUR MISSION: To teach stroke development and racing skills needed to swim on a year around competitive swim team.


About Pre-Team
We know in this day and age that sometimes a commitment to year around swim team is challenging and very time consuming.  PRA is proud to offer an introduction or alternative to that.  Our pre-team program is for those families that might be interested in swimming, but just not quite sure what the program has to offer.
We offer several semesters annually conducted on Saturdays only, that consist of 8 classes.  We use our highly qualified coaches and our Senior group swimmers to instruct the swimmers.  Upon completion of our swim school, your swimmer will be ready to take the next step and join a competitive swim team.

Vision:  Our goal is to introduce children into the sport of competitive swimming and give the children a taste of what PRA has to offer.  We offer a program that is more relaxed than competitive swim teams.  We are looking to provide the skills needed to swim for a team, but without the commitment of a year around program.

All registration is online!
NO late registration will be accepted!

All classes are conducted at Pine- Richland High School Natatorium.


Registration for Fall 2022:

Monday, August 29th at 6p until Sunday, September 4th at 6p.

Class Dates:
September 17th- November 12th
*NO class on October 1st*

Grouper~ 1-1:35p
Tarpon~ 1:45-2:20p
Marlin~ 2:30-3:05p
Shark~ 3:15-3:50p

Pricing: $155/swimmer plus $5 processing fee
(price includes a swim cap[color according to class])

There is a $25 charge for out-of-district swimmers.
You may register a swimmer for up to 2 levels per eight week session!

Class Descriptions
We will use a common language that the PRA staff uses to instruct our athletes.
Swimmers must be able to swim the width of the pool on their own.
There is NO instructor in the water for these classes.

Grouper~ An introduction into body position, floating, streamlining, and a focus on freestyle and backstroke.

Tarpon~ Maintaining and improving body position, floating, streamlining, and a focus on breast stroke and butterfly.

Marlin~ STROKE MECHANICS, STROKE MECHANICS, STROKE MECHANICS! We will focus on the latest and greatest stroke mechanics out. At this level, we will be teaching proper techniques and also introduce starts and turns.

**Swimmers must be able to swim all 4 strokes!**

Shark~ ENDURANCE! We will introduce training and pace clock use. We will also emphasize proper technique and perfect starts and turns.
**Swimmers must be able to swim all 4 strokes!**

If we find that a swimmer is not ready or strong enough for these programs, we will suggest for your swimmer to be moved to the appropriate swim lessons program.



Pre-Team is NON-REFUNDABLE once registration is complete.
Refunds and/or make-up classes will not be offered in cases of District shut-downs, inclement weather or pool issues.

(in a case of an emergency/ medical situation, money may be refunded minus the processing fee at the discretion of PRA)

There are no make-up lessons or refunds if a swimmer misses a lesson.
You swimmer cannot make-up a missed class during another class or session. We do not offer individual make-up classes.


Any questions, please email: [email protected]
or call (724)831-3499.
NO calls between 9p & 9a; calls will be returned within 72 hours and emails will be returned daily.




Pine Richland Aquatics INC. is a nonprofit organization, [501(c)(3)], and has NO affiliation with the Pine- Richland School District.