Registration for Fall 2022:

Monday, August 29th at 6p until Sunday, September 4th at 6p.

Class Dates:
September 17th- November 12th
*NO class on October 1st*

All registration is ONLINE.
NO late registration will be accepted!

You may only register a swimmer for ONE level of swim lessons per session!

Minnows~ 1-1:40p

Bluegill~ 1:50-2:30p
Trout~ 1-1:40p
Pike~ 1:50-2:30p
***Minnows/Bluegill~ 2:40-3:20p***

Pricing: $125/swimmer plus $5 processing fee.
There is a $25 charge for out-of-district swimmers.

All lessons are conducted at the Pine- Richland High School Natatorium.


Class Descriptions
(Class sizes limited)

Minnows~ Starting at 3yrs of age, swimmers will become familiar with the water and learn basic skills. This level are for those that are not comfortable in the water and putting their faces in. Swimmers must be comfortable going with an instructor and being able to hold the side of the pool.

Bluegills~ Successfully pass Minnows (or Red Cross Level 1 equivalent); swimmers will work on swimming independently on both their stomachs and backs for 15ft. Swimmers must be comfortable putting their faces in the water on their own. ALL swimmers are required to be able to hold the side of the pool independently.

Trout~ Successfully pass Bluegill (or Red Cross Level 2 equivalent); swimmers will continue to swim independently the width of the pool freestyle learning bilateral breathing, backstroke, finning and elementary backstroke. As well as head-first entry from a sitting and kneeling position.

Pike~ Successfully pass Trout (or Red Cross Level 3 equivalent); swimmers will swim independently the width of the pool; they should know freestyle with bilateral breathing, backstroke and elementary backstroke; will be introduced to butterfly and breast stroke. They will be able to complete 25 yards (1 length) freestyle and elementary backstroke without any assistance or stopping.

***If there are a substantial number of wait-listed swimmers for any particular classes, PRA reserves the right to add additional classes that would be conducted at a different time other than posted.  An email will be sent to the address registered with this information so please be sure to check emails frequently.***



Swim lessons are NON-REFUNDABLE once registration is complete.
Refunds and/or make-up classes will not be offered in cases of District shut-downs, inclement weather or pool issues.

(in a case of an emergency/ medical situation, money may be refunded minus the processing fee at the discretion of PRA)

There are no make-up lessons or refunds if a swimmer misses a lesson.
You swimmer cannot make-up a missed class during another class or session. We do not offer individual make-up classes.


Any questions, please email: [email protected]
or call (724)831-3499.
NO calls between 9p & 9a; calls will be returned within 72 hours and emails will be returned daily.



Pine Richland Aquatics INC. is a nonprofit organization, [501(c)(3)], and has NO affiliation with the Pine- Richland School District.