Short Course 2020-21 Registration

Open for Returning Members

10/26/20 - 4/18/21

Open for New Members

10/26/20 - 4/18/21

105 Members

Welcome to the Pine-Richland Aquatics (PRA) Electronic Registration platform for our 2020-2021 Short Course Swim and Dive season! We look forward to having you join or rejoin Pine-Richland Aquatics!

We ask all PRA families to register your swimmer(s) so that we can more directly communicate with you by Group. COVID restrictions continue to impact Groups in different ways and we expect to open more pool practices by Group on a moment’s notice, so please make every effort to ASAP. Please email the Group coach should you need clarification on your athlete’s Group assignment (email addresses appear below).

In addition to the fee descriptions by Group outlined below, PRA will enroll your athlete in the USA Swimming Flex Registration for $20.00. This is the lowest registration available and, in the COVID era, allows athletes to compete in up to two swim meets. If Allegheny Mountain Swimming and USA Swimming expand their swim and dive competitions in the future, athletes will need to update their USA Swimming status to Full Registration for an incremental $63 ($83 total).

Out of District Fees – While we will be collecting the $75 Out of District fee as in prior years as required by our PRA Bylaws, we will only collect them at this registration for the groups physically in the water. With this in mind, If you are an out of district family with swimmers in the Junior or Senior groups, please answer the optional question "no" and we will bill you once your swimmer is back in the water at PRHS.  Out of District Mini and middle group swimmers (novice & developmental) should answer "yes" and pay this fee.

Here is the current breakdown by Group:

  1. Senior Group: Monday, November 2, marks the end of “PRHS Open Pool” and the first day of Pine-Richland High School pre-season conditioning. PRA is not allowed to use the PRHS pool yet, so all In-District Senior Group swimmers should be participating in the PRHS pre-season conditioning program. Coach Pete will be in contact with you to confirm PRHS practice times.
    1. Fees: PRA cannot operate its Senior Group swim program using the PRHS pool; therefore, PRA is providing an option for families to make a deposit of $400. The $20 USA Swimming Flex registration is a required fee.
  1. Junior Group (In-District): Effective November 10, the Junior Group (PRSD Residents only) is in the water (Monday-Friday 8:15-9:30 and Saturday 2-4).  
    1. Fees: Weekly cost of $55 with the intial week paid with registration.  We are also providing an option for families to make a partial season payment of $400. The $20 USA Swimming Flex registration is a required fee.
  1. Senior and Junior Group (Out-of-District): Unfortunately, Senior and Junior Group athletes residing outside of PRSD (“Out-of-District”) are not currently included in the PRSD assessment. While difficult, we will need to await PRSD’s allowance of Out-of-District athletes to open the pool workouts to you. PRSD has not provided a timeframe for this assessment.
    1. Fees: PRA does not expect out-of-district Senior and Junior Group athletes to contribute until we have a timeframe to get the athletes in the pool. An option to contribute the same $400 deposit is made available should you so desire. The $20 USA Swimming Flex registration is a required fee.
  1. Mini/Novice/Developmental: No matter whether you reside In-District or Out-of-District, all swimmers in the Mini / Novice / Developmental groups will hold their pool workouts at the British Swim School, 134 Shenot Rd, Wexford, PA 15090 (behind the Rahal Volvo dealership). This is the same pool used for summer workouts. For those of you driving there for the first time, it is located at the very top of the hill within the Woodlands Center. The first pool practice began on Thursday, November 5th, from 7:00 – 8:00 pm.

PRA has leased the British Swim School pool for the following times for your reference. Your athlete(s) will practice on specific days and times depending on whether they are assigned to Mini, Novice, or Developmental. These separate group practice times will be provided by Coach George.

Thursdays           7:00 – 8:00 pm

Fridays                 4:00 – 5:00 pm

Saturdays            1:00 – 2:00 pm

Sundays               12:00 – 1:00 pm

  1. Fees: The Mini / Novice / Developmental practices are official PRA practices; therefore, PRA will charge normal registration and USA Swimming fees, as reflected on the registration page. PRA will charge your account for one week upon registration (Novice & Developmental $45 and Mini/8 & unders - $35), and will then invoice you on a weekly basis these same amounts but will only charge your credit card on the 1st of the following month in order to remain flexible due to unanticipated changes with COVID. The $20 USA Swimming Flex registration is a required fee.

Coach Contact Email by Group

Senior:     Pete Barry, Head Coach     [email protected]
Junior:     Coach Lersch     [email protected]
Mini/Novice/Developmental:     Coach George     [email protected]


Thank you for adjusting to these changes and we sincerely look forward to seeing your athletes in the pool!