Long Course 2020 Registration

Open for Returning Members

4/1/20 - 6/30/20

Open for New Members

4/1/20 - 6/30/20

141 Members

Welcome to the Pine-Richland Aquatics Electronic Registration platform for our upcoming Long Course swim season!  The registration process is simple.

We look forward to having you join or rejoin Pine-Richland Aquatics and are excited for another great season!  With the advent of the Coronavirus/COVID-19, we are uncertain exactly when our season will start, but are sending our best wishes to you during this time of extreme caution. 

We also wish to offer you the chance to do something positive for the health of our children. While none of us know what the next few weeks and months will bring, we fully expect that our lives will be very hectic when school, sports, work, and other daily life events return to a new normal. In addition, we previously announced that we are moving from the Active/HyTek website back to Team Unify effective April 1, 2020.   


To avoid a last minute rush for registration when the new normal begins and to make our new website live and fully functional, we will open the Long Course registration April 1, 2020 using PRA's new Team Unify site. This will be a data collection process only, so as to allow you to enter your swimmers into meets very quickly once we know the finalized meet schedule and PRA's practice availability.


No Payments for Long Course season will be collected at this time.  Once we are cleared to start practicing, rates will be prorated and families will be notified of their cost per swimmer.


USA Registration:  All members of PRA must be members of USA Swimming.  If you did not swim for the 2019/2020 Short Course Season, once we are back in the water, you will be billed for the appropriate 2020 USA Membership.   Fees will NOT be collected until the season commences.

With all of the uncertainty we currently are facing, our practice schedule cannot be finalized.  Under normal circumstances, practice schedules generally will remain the same from Short Course Season until approximately June 15. Times may need to be adjusted depending on the final roster.  Once we have a better idea of when practices will start, times and locations will be emailed to you by your coach.  

Special Note for Out of District Residents: If you are a returning Out of District swim family (i.e. do not reside in the Pine-Richland School District) that just swam Short Course Season with us, you do not need to pay the Out of District Fee again.   If you are a new Out of District Swimmer or a returning Out of District swimmer that did not swim the 2019/2020 Short Course Season with us, you will be billed $75 per swimmer once we know when the season will start.  If you have any questions or issues, please contact Josh Carmazzi for assistance (jcarmazzi@aol.com).