All meets are subject to change at the discretion of PTAC and/or meet host, so please check the schedule frequently for any changes!

Signup deadlines will be approximately 5 days prior to each meet date @ midnight. (Ex. A Saturday schedule meet signup will close on the Monday just prior to the meet date).  NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Should a swimmer become ill or need to drop out of a meet once signups have closed, please email Coach Babik immediately at [email protected], or Meet Director, Kelli Yant @ [email protected]  so that any appropriate lineup changes can be made as soon as possible.

Chestnut Ridge League- This is a dual meet swimming league that Penn Trafford Aqua Club (PTAC) belongs to. When we swim "Dual" meets, we swim other teams that also belong to the Chestnut Ridge League.

For these meets, you will only sign up your swimmer by using our ONLINE sign up system. Click on the sign up sheet next to the meet you would like to attend. The coach will pick your swimmer's events. You will not know what events your child is swimming until warm-ups the day of the meet. They will be posted in the hallway at the pool right before warm-ups start. Events are also posted on the pool deck for the swimmers to refer to on their own. Please encourage your swimmer to refer to these postings for any changes that may be made during the meet itself.

A typical "dual meet" will last 3-4 hours

You do NOT need to pay for these meets.

Once a dual meet sign up is closed, NO CHANGES OR ADDITIONS will be made to the lineup.


All swimmers must compete in 5 Dual Meets in order to qualify for Winter Champs! 

Swimmers who do not register for the team until January of 2018 (half-season swimmers) will need to participate in 3 Dual Meets in order to qualify for Winter Champs.