Do we have a team suit and where can I purchase one?

We do not have an official team suit, but it is required that all swimmers wear a solid black suit of their liking. Swim accessories including suit and goggles can be purchased at Swimmers Network located at 4444 State Route 30, Latrobe, PA 15650.  Give your club name "PTAC" and receive a 10% discount.

 Do swimmers need to wear a cap and goggles during practice and meets?

It is required that all swimmers wear an official PTAC cap at all meets. The cap can be purchased during a home meet at our concession stand.  You can also contact [email protected] to request a PTAC cap.

It is recommended that all swimmers wear a basic cap at practice. Girls with longer hair are required to wear a practice cap. Chlorine will damage all hair so protect it as best you can with a cap.

Goggles are required at meets and practice.

 What time should I be in the pool before practice?

You should be ready and on deck a few minutes prior to your scheduled practice time.

 Do we have a lost and found?

Yes, lost and found can be found in pool office.  Items are typically collected for an extended period of time and then notification will be sent to all members indicating that a deadline has been set and all collected items will be donated or placed in the trash.

 When is it a good time to approach the coach with a question or concern?

It is best to email the coach with questions and concerns and set up a meeting. Please do not attempt to discuss issues during practice times as they are focusing on all swimmers in the water. DUE TO INSURANCE LIABILITIES, NO PARENTS ALLOWED ON DECK DURING PRACTICES OR MEETS UNLESS THEY ARE SCHEDULED TO VOLUNTEER!!!