In order to keep our meets running smoothly and to streamline the meet preparation process, please keep the following items in mind when signing up for any dual meets or AMS meets:


* If you are signed up to attend a dual meet, it is important that you arrive on time and have your swimmer ready for warm-ups and the meet start. Warm-ups are NOT optional and all swimmers signed up to attend any given meet are expected to attend the warm-up session unless prior notice is given to the coaching staff by a parent or guardian. Beginning with our next scheduled meet, a formal "roll call" will be made at every warm-up. Swimmers who are not present for warm-ups (and who have not indicated that they will be late) will be considered "scratched" and will be removed from the meet entirely. Once a swimmer has been scratched, they will not be placed back into the meet.

Swimmers who arrive late or do not show up at all require last minute changes to be made to the lineup and, in some instances, an entire relay will need to be scratched or revised. This is unfair to the other swimmers who may be scratched and also causes delays to the meet.

If you know that you will not be able to attend, will be arriving late, or will need to leave early, please Head Coach Babik @ [email protected] or the Meet Director, Kelli Yant @ [email protected], so that lineup changes can be made in advance. You may also place a notation in the "Notes" section of the sign-up page prior to the entry deadline.

* If you are signed up to attend a dual meet and then remove your swimmer from the sign-ups, please remember to also verify whether you are signed up as a meet volunteer. If you remove your swimmer from the meet, you will also need to remove your own volunteer status, as that the spot will need to be filled by another parent.

* PTAC strongly encourages all swimmers to remain on the pool deck for the conclusion of our dual meets. Swimmers are encouraged to cheer for their teammates during the course of the meet as well as show good team sportsmanship by shaking hands with the opposing team at the conclusion of the meet. If your family needs to leave the meet once your swimmer has completed their events for the day, please feel free to do so. It is PTAC policy that locker room showers will not be turned on until the meet has concluded.


* Please submit all entry fees and any time trials that are needed prior to the entry deadlines. Time trials need to be obtained at a regularly scheduled practice. A note may be submitted to the coaching staff asking for the time trial and will be returned to the swimmer at the end of the night. Please submit the note along with payment of your entry fees. Fees and time trials can be placed in the AMS folder or the folder marked "Treasurer" located in the pool office. Time trials may also be placed in the "Notes" section of the sign-up page of any meet event.

Late payment of fees and/or submission of time trials causes delays in the submission of PTAC's team entries. All entry files must be submitted to the meet hosts in their entirety or they will be rejected. Some meets fill quickly and late submission can potentially cause our team to be closed out of the meet. Unless prior arrangements are made, late payment of fees will not be accepted. Failure to submit fees by the deadline will result in the entries being marked "rejected" by PTAC and they will not be submitted to the meet host.. Because some meet entries need to be turned around quickly, we will offer a two (2) day grace period following an AMS entry deadline in order for payment of fees to be submitted. (Ex. Meet entry deadline is December 1, 2014. Fees will be due no later than December 3, 20124.


Every swimmer must wear a PTAC swim cap and a black suit during meets.


Thank you for your cooperation!