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Hope to have our Swim Lessons Program up and running soon! Please check back for Registration updates!

*updated 2/24/21


General Information:

Level 1 - Water adjustment and beginning water skills. Participants should be at least 4 years old.   

Level 2 - Must submerge face in water, perform front and back floats, glides, and kicking with minimal assistance.

Level 3 - Swim front crawl 15 yards and back crawl 5 yards without assistance (goggles required).

Level 4 - Must be able to perform front crawl with rotary breathing 15 yards, back stroke, and butterfly kick (goggles required).

Level 5 - Swim freestyle and backstroke 25 yards, breaststroke and butterfly 10 yards (goggles required).

Intro to Competitive Swimming – Designed for swimmers who meet the requirement for Level 5 and have an interest in swimming as a competitive sport (goggles required).



Here's what some people are saying about our Learn to Swim Program!

  • Thank you to Emily and Gianna! Gabrielle learned and had fun. She can't wait to do this again!

  • This has been the most successful experience we've had with swim- we couldn't have been happier!

  • Wish you offered them more often!!!

  • We've done swim at the YMCA and Cranberry pool and we all felt these were the best for her - thank you!