Club Description

Welcome to the official website of the Woodland Hills Aquatic Team. Based in the eastern suburbs just outside of Pittsburgh, we are a member of the USA Swimming community and a representative team of Allegheny Mountain Swimming. We offer competitive swim training to all age groups and abilities, ranging from the developmental level to the highest levels of swimming. We also provide workout opportunities for collegiate athletes on break. 

We are a continually growing team, teaching competitive stroke technique, racing strategy, and most of all an organized aerobic training plan. These proven training methods are set in place in an effort to develop important life values that are integral in developing pride in ones-self and ones team.

In a time of grade-inflation and "feel-good" teaching strategies, the Woodland Hills Aquatic Team Coaching Staff is not afraid to ask-or even demand-the athlete’s best effort on a day-to-day basis. In training to be the best athlete and teammate we can be, we also define ourselves as the best people we can be. Only through the ultimate sacrifices of diligent focus, concentration, and determination can we find out how great we can really be as individuals and as a team.



WHAT Philosophy

The WHAT Mission is to develop and foster life values such as responsibility, teamwork, discipline, determination, patience, work ethic, confidence, and pride to student-athletes through the sport of swimming and, in doing so, provide an avenue of excellence for swimmers of all ability levels.

We aim to provide excellence in coaching, training and team unity in an environment where every swimmer is inspired to achieve his/her potential and compete at the highest level.  We help achieve success for our athletes by providing a well-structured organization administered by professional experienced staff and parent volunteers who support our team values and goals. 



WHAT Board of Directors

Next to the swimmers and coaches on our team, the parent board members are the life blood of the Woodland Hills Aquatic Team. Below you will find a list of our current board members.

President: Ellen Ayoob

Vice President / Membership Chairperson: TBD

Treasurer: Bob LaRoche

Secretary: Gary Manns

Meet Director: Courtney Boone

Scholarship Chair: Ellen Ayoob

Swim School Director: Anna Lepsch


WHAT Bylaws (March 25, 2018)