Volunteer Guidelines

Parent and family volunteers are required for WHAT to run our home meets, which supply much of our income for the year.  Without these volunteers, the club would have to significantly increase our dues to cover our costs.  

The volunteer fee is required to be paid at registration; however, it is to be paid by separate checks made out to WHAT (remaining fees may be paid online by credit card) in the amount of $300 and $50.  The $300 is a volunteer fee for working meet sessions and the $50 is a volunteer fee for food donations.  These checks are held until both WHAT home meets have been completed.  We prefer that you volunteer your time and items for the concession stand rather than have us cash your check!  You must provide this check to WHAT prior to your child attending any swim practices. 

Volunteer checks should be sent to: WHAT, c/o Ellen Ayoob, 2534 Mount Royal Rd., Pittsburgh, PA 15221.

Volunteer Session Requirements

Please read carefully as the details have changed. 

Families are required to work a minimum of 3 volunteer sessions per home meet. One volunteer session consists of one morning, one afternoon, or one evening typically lasting from 4 to 5 hours.  Home meets have 4 or 5 sessions available to work (it depends on the type of meet).  You must work 3 sessions per meet to avoid having your volunteer check cashed. We encourage you to spread the effort. You may bring anyone with you who is 15 years old or older to help meet your requirement. And if you can, please volunteer more!

Food Donations

Each family is expected to contribute to the running of our concession stand and officials/coaches hospitality room by donating two food items per meet.  Donations range from candy and paper goods to homemade baked goods, macaroni and cheese, pasta salad and other items of varying costs.  Food donation lists are set-up online for each home meet so that you can sign-up ahead of time for items to donate.


If you do not meet either the volunteer or food donation requirement, your check for that portion of the requirement will be cashed after the date of the second hosted meet. 

If you have met the requirements your check will be destroyed (checks are not retained from season to season).  

Volunteers keep WHAT running smoothly!

Questions? Contact Ellen Ayoob.