Training Group Structure 

All swimmers will be placed into groups that will facilitate the best growth and success possible within our competitive swimming program. The final placement is solely at the discretion of the coaching staff. 







Swimmers that have been involved with summer league programs that wish to continue being involved with the sport tend to join our Yellow. This group is composed of beginner to intermediate swimmers who want to continue the development of their strokes in a fun, healthy environment. It is perfect for families who are not ready for increased commitment. Yellow will receive an AAU membership and a USA Flex membership. Expectation to attend practice and meets is encouraged but not enforced.



8 & Over


Red 1

Developmental swimmers looking for more individualized technique improvement and racing concepts opt to join this level. Red 1 instruction is grounded in building work ethic and self-discipline to see development in all four strokes. Swimmers begin to develop loyalty to the team and understand the commitment to the sport. Red 1 should register for a Premium Membership to USA swimming.  Regular practice attendance and meet participation is expected.


10 & Under


Red 2

Our Red 2 group is intended to help swimmers become competitive and learn how to perform at higher levels of the sport. This group will begin to use the goal-setting process to increase work ethic and build a strong commitment to the team. Swimmers will need to learn time management skills and the ability to accept coach feedback.  Red 2 is expected to make state qualifying times and compete at local/regional swim meets. They should register for a Premium USA membership. Swimmers will start to incorporate dryland activities into their practice routine. Regular practice attendance and meet participation is expected.


Typically 9 to 13


Red 3

Our most advanced age group swimmers train in our Red 3 Level. Swimmers at this level challenge themselves and their teammates to train at the best of their ability in practice.  Red 3 has increased in training demands of the aerobic system and continued refinement of stroke technique/racing strategies. This group is expected to compete at the upper end of the age group by scoring points at championship meets or swimming at Zones. Swimmers must practice 4-5 times a week, and drylands are mandatory. Competition at the highest level qualified is compulsory.


Typically 12 to 15


High School

Swimmers competing at the high school level that are looking for an advantage join this group. It is designed for people with some swim experience, whether from a summer league or previous high school teams.  This group will work on stroke refinement and building an aerobic base to help the swimmer deal with the stresses of the high school meet environment. Our High School group helps give the swimmers tools to be more successful and perform at a higher level.


9th – 12th grades


Black 1

Highly competitive swimmers who participate at a sectional level or above comprise our Black 1 group.  Swimmers in this level have full commitment to the team and the sport. They are able to sacrifice their self-interest for larger team goals.  Black 1 swimmers exemplify leadership qualities by being highly self-disciplined and having an incredible work ethic. They demonstrate the highest level of sportsmanship and championship behavior and are not influenced by the negative behaviors of others. These swimmers must attend 75% of practices and compete at state championships/Sectionals.


16 & Over

Black 2

This group represents the highest level of competitive swimmer within our team. Swimmers in Black 2 must have achieved performance standards at a national level. They have mastery of all the skills from our other groups.

16 & Over