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14 & Under State Merchandise

Attention 14 & Under State Qualifiers, The host team is working on getting the sanction completed for the 2023 ARSI 14 and Under Age...

By Steve Hall

2023 Senior State Merchandise

Dear Senior State Swim Parents, Merchandise for 2023 Senior Championships Towels and Heat Sheet Ads are available for everyone to purchase. The deadline to...

By Steve Hall

USA Swimming Registration Process

Dear Dolphin Swim Parents, USA Swimming has been working out a lot of the glitches with their new USA Swimming registration platform. Once you...

By Steve Hall

2022 - 2023 Arkansas Dolphin Short Course Swim Meet Schedule

2022 - 2023 Arkansas Dolphins Swim Meet Schedule Month Date Host Course Swim Meet/Event Location Training Group August 26th - 27th LRAD NA Senior...

By Steve Hall

Meet Your New Head Coach

Greetings, Dolphin Swimmers and Parents, We are excited to announce that Coach Steve Hall will become the new Program Director of your team (and...

By Kelly Snook

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