Dolphin-Laser Social Media Guidelines and Safety Tips

Dear Dolphin-Laser Parents,

I have spent the last few months putting together this guideline for you. It formed out of my own need to understand this ever changing world of social media and the role it plays on our athletes. I hope you are able to use it and reveiw it with your athlete as you see neccessary. Please feel free to share it with other parents.  

The guidelines are designed to create an awareness in the ever changing industry of social media and were written to protect, educate, and provide resources to our members. We have divided the guidelines into 9 sections. Some areas in this handbook are revelant to the swimmers, some relevant to coaches, board members, officials and volunteers and most are relevant for our parents.

The Guideline and safety tips are to provide information and protect the safety and well being of our members.

Please CLICK HERE to read the Dolphin-Laser Swim Team Social Media Guidelines & Safety Tips

Please contact me if you have any questions or comments,

Thank you,

Tay Stratton