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Practice Information

Please call coach Tay Stratton at 501 765 3211 to discuss placement.
S wimmers should have had instruction in all four strokes and/or swim one length in freestyle and 1/2 a length in the other three strokes. 

They need to be able to understand the breathing to the side in freestyle and can do it at least two or three breaths to the side.  The strokes may not be "pretty" but they understand the basic movement of each stroke. 


Winter Training Schedule effective Jan 11, 2021
Developmental 1 & 2    M & W  3:30-4:00
Dev3( AG Prep)      M & W 4:10-5:00  F 3:40-4:10
AG 1 (AG Prep Plus)T Th 4:10-5:00 F 4:15-5:10
AG 2                        M, Tu., Th  5:10-6:10 W 5:10-6:30
AG 3                        M & Th 6:20-7:20 & Tu 6:20-7:30 Fr 5:20-6:30
Summer Training Schedule effective May 27, 2021
Developmental 1 & 2            M & W 3:30-4:00pm LRAC 25 yard pool
Developmnetal 3 ( AG Prep) M & W 4:10-5:00pm LRAC 25 yard pool & TU 4:40-5:30 LRRC 50 M Pool
Age Group 1                         M-TH 8:40-9:45am LRRC 50 M Pool
Age Group 2 & 3                   M-TH 8:40-10:30am F 8:40-10:00amLRRC 50 M Pool
All our current swimmers will be considered summer league team and particpate in meets.
New swimmers may join our Summer League Group: June 1 - July 23: Practices  Tu Th 4:40-5:30pm at the LRRC 50 m pool. Fee: $210 for the summer ( Members $160) meet Fees: $10.00 Must join AAU ( $14 for meet participation)
Monthly Training  Fees:
                               Non-members/ Members
Developmental 1     $108/$82 
AG Prep (Dev 3)    $119/89
AG Prep Plus (AG 1) $125/$93 
AG 2 & 3                $143/$108
Additional Fees:
Flex Membership ( $55.00) for first time USA Members * limitations apply
Yearly Registration for former USA Members: $157
Annual Fundraising/Sponsorship Requirement: $100/Family

The Little Rock Athletic Club   4610 Sam Peck Road​   Little Rock, AR 72223

Phone: 501-225-3600

LRAC Coaches

Head Site Coach: Tay Stratton

Assistant Coaches: Amber McCall, Tasha Stratton

Events/Meet Schedule: 

USS.   May 7-9.   Varied    Spring Splash UALR  50 Meter

USS.    May 21     Varied.    Aquakids SC Invite. 25 Yard

USS.    May 22.     Varied.    Aquakids LC Invite  50 Meter

OPEN.  June 7-10 10:40-Noon Swim like a Dolphin Stroke Technique Camp. 

AAU.   June 11     4:00pm  Summer League    Harmon Center, Sherwood. 25 Yard

AAU.   June 25     4:00pm  Summer League.   Harmon Center, Sherwood 25 Yard

AAU.    July 1       5:00pm Summer League Harmon Center, Sherwood 25 Yard

USS.    July 9-11   Varied Mary Grace Memorial Invitational  UALR 50 Meter

AAU.    July 23      4:00pm Summer League  Harmon Center, Sherwood. 25 Yard

USS.   July 29-Aug 1 Varied AG State Champs - Bentonville * must qualify  50 Meter

Time Standards



Click Here for Team COVID Guidelines

Specific to our site:

Entry/Exit of Practice

1. All athletes must check-in at the front desk each day and answer health screening questions. Please stagger your arrival.

2. All athletes must wear a mask while in the club house. The mask can be removed once you are on the pool deck.

3. Athletes must maintain social distancing while arriving, on deck, in practice, and when leaving. Swimmers should make sure the spot they pick to put their clothes is 6 feet from anyone else.

4. Parents need to be prepared to pick up their swimmers immediately after their practice has ended.


5. Arrive no sooner and pick up no later than a few minutes prior or after practice.


Parents Observation

While Outdoors: Parents may observe practice but need to keep to the tables and chairs on the side of the pool. Mask must be worn if within 6 feet of another person.

Indoors: Please space out 6 feet apart. Please try to avoid areas at the end and the middle of the pool as this is where the coaches will stand.

During Practice:

Start Position:

1. Each swimmer will be assigned a lane and start position at the start of practice. 

2. Swimmers need to bring their fins to this start position and leave them on deck closest to their start position.

Social Distancing

1. Swimmers will continue social distancing during training.


1. Swimmers may use the equipment provided at their own risk. They may opt out of using equipment if they so choose.

2. Equipment should not be shared.


Use Of Bathroom  

1. Bathrooms are available for use during practice. They are cleaned by the roving health guards but swimmers assume the risk and are asked to wipe down after use. 


1. If a swimmer becomes sick during a practice. The swimmer will be immediately separated and parents will be called to provide transportation for the ill swimmer. 

Staggered Dismissal:

With limited pool time, we will stagger the dismissal only by 1-2 min dismissing six swimmers at one time every two to three minutes.  We ask swimmers to quickly get their clothes and exit the deck.


Circle Swimming:

1. Swimmers need to demonstrate proper circle swimming procedure, in order for us to keep a safe training environment.

Lost and Found:

Check the bin by the pool or with the front desk.


Coaches will wear masks as swimmers enter the pool and in the event of any discussions that would take place within the 6-foot social distancing distance. Coaches may remove masks once practice begins and swimmers are in the water if they are more than 12 feet from the closest swimmer.

Due to tight practice constraints, and coaches need for social distancing, coaches will not be able to talk to parents during practice, unless it is an emergency or during a break bewteen practices. Please text or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



Afternoon practices: If thundering or prediction of storms/ flash flooding, Coach Tay will send an email/SMS by 2:30 pm to cancel all practices for the afternoon. If it begins to storm 30 min prior to practice or during practice and the practice wasn't called - practice will be canceled, swimmers will be moved indoor lobby.  Please pick up your swimmer promptly.

Morning Practices: If thundering 45 min before practice, practice is cancelled. If a storm moves in during a practice, swimmers will be immediately dismissed and will be waiting for pick up in front foyer. 

Inclement Weather:

If schools are canceled due to inclement weather, practice will be canceled. If inclement weather is predicted to move in within 2 hours of practice time, practice will be canceled. 


Please sign up for SMS notification and then verify your number in Team Unify. This will allow coaches a quick text communication to the group.