The Developmental Level is designed to provide a sound foundation in the proper technique of all four competitive strokes, starts, and turns. It is for children age 6-12. Summer League swimmers and swimmers who have completed Intermediate/ Advanced swim lessons often find this is a good level to be introduced to USA competitive swimming. Year-round participation is encouraged to continue the improvement of the swimmer’s skills.
The Age Group Level is for children age 9-14 focuses on building a foundation in aerobic conditioning, motor skills coordination, stroke development, and strength. Self-Confidence, self-discipline, and total body coordination will develop swimmers and increase their potential for personal achievement. This program offers a positive learning experience and a healthy environment for fun and personal growth. Team spirit, friendship, and commitment are key benefits on this level. All swimmers compete at this level.
The Senior Level Competition of regional and national levels offers swimmers ages 14 and over the highest degree of athletic achievement and individual growth. Qualities of leadership and time management skills are incorporated into a rigorous training program for overall development. Senior swimmers are challenged by their team commitment and personal goals for excellence in and out of the water. Swimmers at this level have 100 percent attendance for meets and practices. Practices are held at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and Cabot Veterans Park Community Center during the school season and LRRC, Cabot Veterans Park Community Center Cabot Community Center, and UALR during the Summer Season.

The Masters Level is for adults age 18 and up who want to be a part of a group training atmosphere. This one hour practice is divided into four levels: Beginners, Intermediates, Tri-athletes, and Advanced. It is for adults wanting to swim for fitness, triathlon competitions, or United States Masters Competitions.



One Great Swim Team -
Many Great Practice Locations!



Coaches: Tay Stratton, Amber McCall, Skye Stratton, & Steven Nauman

Training Levels: Summer League, Developmental, Age Group Prep & Age Group Training Groups

Click here for map Little Rock Athletic Club



Coaches: Evan Johnston, Julianna Santos, Traci Johnston

Levels: Developmental, Summer League,  Age Group and Masters Training Groups 

click here for map Little Rock Racquet Club



Coaches: Carl Auel, Jenna Bickell & Juliana Santi

Levels: Developmental and Seniors

click here for map University of Arkansas at Little Rock



Coaches: Keith McAfee & Mary Jo Heye

Levels: Developmental and Age Group

click here for map Jacksonville Community Center



Coaches: Keith McAfee & Mary Jo Heye

Levels: Developmental, Age Group, and Summer League

click here for map Sherwood - Bill Harmon Recreation Center



Coaches: Phoebe Cambell, Elizabeth Hughes & Victoria Wadley

Levels: Developmental, Age Group, Seniors

Click Here for map Cabot Veterans Park Community Center




The Swim Team uses a "progressive" program of instruction to develop the child physically, mentally, and emotionally. In order to reach peak performance in a swimmer’s career, a well-defined long-term approach of gradually increasing degrees of commitment is essential. The emphasis in the early stage of participation will be placed on developing technical skills and a love for the sport. In the later years, a more demanding physical and psychological challenge will be introduced into the training program.

The Dolphins emphasize long-term results. We want the swimmer to stay with the sport through his/her school years so he/she may develop into the best athlete possible.

Based upon the age and ability of each swimmer, the coach will place him/her in the appropriate level. The coach will move the athlete into a more challenging group when the child is mentally and physically ready.

The primary goal is the same for all levels: Preparing swimmers to perform their best as athletes and to achieve a foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

Competition is optional for all levels. Based upon each individual’s goals and/or mental readiness, the decision to compete will be that of the swimmer, parent, and coach.

Goals for each swimmer should be discussed with the coach. As their goals change, further evaluation will take place.


Q & A

Q:  Can you tell me about practices? 

A:  Practice schedules are found on our team website. While it rarely happens, practices can be canceled so check the website or email for practice changes. We ask that you don’t leave until your child is safely inside the pool area and a coach is present.

About Missing a practice:

We strongly recommend that swimmers try to attend as many practices as possible. It is like any sport; the more you practice the better you’ll be! So, the more often a swimmer attends practice, the faster they usually progress. Our coaches assume that swimmers are going to miss a practice here and there for many different reasons. One of the best things about swimming is that the swimmers get what they put into it. As a sport, swimming promotes the development of self-discipline and inner-strength. Even the swimmer that may come every day, but does not swim their best practices will see it in the end. Our program uses attendance for a few things: practice & stroke building, meets, relays, and coaching decisions. Practices that are on the calendar are the recommended practices and commitment for that particular group. We use attendance for decisions like: is this swimmer ready and/or prepared for his/her meet. We want to see the swimmers at the majority of practices to allow them to develop into the best they can be.